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Court of the Dead's Gethsemoni Comes To Life with Phicen

Court of the Dead's Gethsemoni Comes To Life with Sideshow

This one is from their Court of the Dead series and it changes up the game for the better Gethsemoni is the Queen of the Dead and she is coming to life with a new sixth scale figure The figure features the new seamless body and has a stainless steel skeleton so the figure nearly[...]


Sideshow Collectibles Kicks Off Their Halloween Spooktacular

Yes, they're even on Pinterest. That goes for the Court of the Dead as well The Court has their own special events and prizes planned for this year, you can subscribe to their social channels too, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter Seems the Court doesn't recognize Pinterest.The event kicked off at Midnight last night and the contests run 24[...]

'Court Of The Dead' Stalks The Living At Sideshow's SDCC Booth

Reaching out to "Mourners" (an affectionate term for Court of the Dead fans) and innocent mortals alike, convincing you to give him your soul I was introduced to a veritable host of new characters represented by all-new statues, painstakingly filled with details that will scare you back under your covers!I spoke with lead designer of[...]

Olivia Draws The Queen Of The Dead

One of the best selling artist in the world, Olivia De Berardinis, has done a new print called The Queen's Embrace for Sideshow Collectibles. The print shows Gethsemoni, Queen of the Dead, who is mother to all the souls in the underworld. She never lived a mortal life, so she is curious about what she […]

Sideshow Releases 10th Court Of The Dead Digital Comic

They've been doing this for a while, releasing a series of comics involving their Court of the Dead characters Their tenth and latest, Reflections, is done by Tom Gilliland, Landry Q Walker and Manuel Garcia The stories are designed to build the mythos behind the company-owned franchise Previous issues have used various other creators including[...]

Sideshow Announces Cleopsis: Eater Of The Dead Premium Format Figure

Besides having access to some of the top franchises to make collectibles from, Sideshow has also created their own called the Court of the Dead Here we have an introduction to one of the characters from that franchise, Cleopsis: Eater of the Dead as they announce their latest Premium Format Figure. Death sent his ambitious daughter,[...]

Shard From Court Of The Dead Gets A Premium Format Figure

Sideshow has announced the Shard: Mortal Trespasser Premium Format Figure from the Court of the Dead collection Shard is the first living, breathing mortal to ever set foot in the land of the dead She is adorned with armor forged within the heart of the Underworld’s capital city, Illverness.1 - Wielding two uniquely-different, intricately-detailed metal swords 2 - Outfitted in exquisitely ornate[...]

Court Of The Dead Appears In Heavy Metal Magazine

Sideshow's Court of the Dead, the IP they designed and created, has come to comics in issue #278 of Heavy Metal Magazine The story written by Corinna Bechko and drawn by Nat Jones is a 22-page #0 issue.  The story follows Shard, an unrivaled warrior carrying the weight of many battles Returning home after a long[...]

Sideshow To Release Batgirl and Gallevarbe Limited Edition Art Prints

The prints feature Batgirl from DC Comics, and Gallevarbe, Death’s Siren from the Court of the Dead.The new DC Comics Premium Art Print series from pinup artist Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau is Batgirl: Birds of Prey. This 18×24” hand-numbered, limited edition art print includes features an authorized penciled artist signature, embossed seal of authenticity, and is a perfect addition[...]

Batman, Vampirella And Court Of The Dead – New Art Prints From Sideshow

On Monday, May 18th at 10 AM PST, Sideshow Collectibles will be making their latest art prints available for sale. These prints tend to go very quickly… like in minutes sometimes… but we can give you an early heads up this time. There will be three prints available: a Batman premium art print by Alex […]

Get To Know Court Of The Dead Concept Artist Amilcar Fong

Besides producing some of the industries top licensed toys, statues and art prints, Sideshow Collectibles have also created their own line of characters called The Court of the Dead This video spotlights one of the concept artists behind the line, Amilcar Fong. One of the amazing illustrators behind our Court of the Dead collection, Amilcar’s work[...]

Sideshow Unveils Court Of The Dead Digital Comic

Sideshow Collectibles has unveiled its first Court of the Dead digital comic called Oglavaeil - The Executioner The comic is based on the story and characters created by Tom Gilliland, written by Landry Walker and drawn by Carmen Carnero The 12-page story is free to read on their website. Death worked carefully when crafting his Court[...]

Death As An Unlikely Hero And Freer Of Souls In Court Of The Dead From Sideshow Collectibles – Talking With Tom Gilliland At San Diego Comic Con

  As previously announced, Sideshow Collectibles are launching into interesting multi-media territory with their Court of the Dead concept, delving into wide-ranging world-building that reaches fans as collectible busts, a forthcoming graphic novel, and several ways in which to digitally engage with the world created by Tom Gilliland And most recently, they’ve released their “faction” T-shirts[...]

Sideshow's Court Of The Dead Coming To Comics?

Sideshow Collectibles have a line, Court Of The Dead, that includes statues of original creations Queen of the Dead, The Red Death, The Reaper: Death's General and more.Over millennia, Death has harvested countless souls on behalf of the warring powers of the Heavens and the Hells Seeking to redefine the laws of the afterlife, he[...]