Cover #1 Advance Review: Great Dialogue, Better Art, Lukewarm Story

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Comic artist Max Fields is approached by a strange woman named Julia at a comic convention who is a big fan of his work. She buys thousands of dollars' worth of his work. At another convention, Max runs into Julia again, and she buys more of his art and takes him out to dinner. There, she reveals that she is a CIA analyst, and she mysteriously leaves in the middle of dinner.

Cover #1 cover by David Mack
Cover #1 cover by David Mack

Cover's premise comes off like a Tom Clancy-style wish fulfillment narrative. What if being a comic book artist made you an ideal recruit for the Central Intelligence Agency? What if you were recruited by a beautiful woman obsessed with your artwork? Wouldn't that be cool?

I don't know Brian Michael Bendis or David Mack's hearts, so that may not be their intent. I'm not claiming it is. Even if it were a wish fulfillment story for either man, that doesn't rule it out from being a good comic.

Cover #1 is, as a matter of fact, a decent comic. It doesn't blow me away, but it doesn't bore or bother me either. I'll admit this genre of story isn't exactly my jam to begin with, but this reads like a decent version of such a tale.

Other than David Mack's artwork, the dialogue is the highlight of the book. Bendis has always been skilled at writing fast and witty dialogue, and Cover is a good example of that talent.

David Mack gives the book another excellent treatment, gibing great texturing and detail to the environment. The shadow work is excellent too. The color art, courtesy of Mack and Zu Orzu, is brilliant and brings the world to life in a way only this style of painted work can really accomplish.

Cover #1 isn't earth-shattering, but it's a fun enough read. Max Fields is an awkward and doofy artist, and he's quite likable. The dialogue is great, and the artwork is phenomenal. I can recommend this one well enough. Feel free to check it out tomorrow.

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