Warner Bros. Releases a New Batch of "Joker" Promotional Images

Which Seven Comic Book Creators Appear in the Credits to "Joker"?

Just out of a screening of Joker, the new Warner Bros movie based on the character from the Batman comic books. And despite reports that the movie is not based on any actual comic books, that might not be entirely true. Now Bob Kane, Bill Finger and Jerry Robinson, original writers and artists from those […]

Dave Filoni Just Broke Our 'Star Wars: Rebels' Hearts With This Tweet

It was a sad day when the news came down that Star Wars: Rebels was ending.  After three seasons, number 4 will be the end of the animated series. Showrunner (and hat wearer extraordinaire) Dave Filoni just tweeted out this image that brought all those Rebels emotions bubbling up: The final sound mix for #StarWarsRebels is complete. […]

Rob Liefeld On Getting Creator Credits On The Deadpool Movie For Him And Fabian Nicieza

Slott got backup from Mark Waid, Kurt Busiek and Darick Robertson.But Fabian Nicieza didn't say anything.Until now. that, folks?While Rob Liefeld has taken the opportunity on Facebook to talk about how both his and Fabian Nicieza's names appear on the credits of the Deadpool movie, out this week. Sooooooo many of you have been very nice and concerned[...]

What A Difference A Court Case Makes To Marvel Comics' Credits

But on the credits?Well this is the credit page from Fantastic Four #11 of the current run from last month.And from Fantastic Four Annual #1, which followed it.And now on Fantastic Four #12 out this week.Note the difference? Let's zoom in.Other books stepping into line include Wolverine & The X-Men.Where only a couple of weeks ago, there[...]

Credit Where It's Due – Amanda Conner, Tony Akins, Jeff Lemire And Matt Kindt

Here's the credits page.But it's actually drawn by Tony Akins As Amanda's partner points out..And today's Frankenstein: Agent Of S.H.A.D.E is cover credited to Jeff Lemire in print.. but to the actual writer Matt Kindt in promotional material...Come on DC credit people, get a grip!Although it's Marvel who seem to have an issue spelling "mimicking"[...]

"Mewling Quim" And That Mid-Credit Smile In The Avengers Movie

Return after you've seen the credits...As more and more people get to see The Avengers movie (it's out in the UK today), there are more and more questions being asked But these are the two bigger ones.The first is a slight spoiler for a line from Loki Nothing major The second spoiler is for[...]

Where The Writers Credits Are As Big As The Actors And Directors… Tintin

This seems a rather rare occurence. Not on all the press certainly, but on this UK poster for Tintin in particular, the name of the writers is the same size as that as the director. And the cast. And the film's subtitle. Indeed, the only thing bigger than the writers' names is the main title […]

DC Comics Ad At End Of Green Lantern Movie Has Malformed Web Address

This is the image that is appearing at the end of the credits to the Green Lantern movie, when shown in America, according to CBR, as part of a marketing strategy that includes comics retailers getting movie-themed promotional materials and  preview screening tickets.Bleeding Cool has also reported on upcoming plans to run television advertising alongside[...]