Crusader Kings 3

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Crusader Kings 3 Gets a New Dev Diary About Cultures & Religion

The latest developer diary from Paradox Interactive on Crusader Kings 3 focuses on two key elements to the era with religion and cultures The 30-minute video, which you can check out below, going into the intricacies of how the society you rule will come with so many layers of class and sub-class, you'll have to[...]

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Crusader Kings 3 Will Officially Be Released In September

Paradox Interactive revealed that Crusader Kings 3, the next entry in the strategy series, will be released in early September The game is officially up for pre-order as we speak, and will be released on September 1st, 2020 We had a chance to try the game out prior to the announcement in a special virtual[...]

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"Crusader Kings 3" Officially Announced At PDXCON 2019

This week during PDXCON, we finally got an official announcement for Crusader Kings 3, along with a proper reveal trailer for the game The next installment will be released sometime in 2020 for PC and Xbox, but no official date was given for the game Here's some added info from the announcement, as well as[...]