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Cryptozoic Entertainment Unveils Dancing Peacemaker Bobble Kickstarter
Peacemaker is back and ready to bring some Wig Wam action right to your home or office with Cryptozoic Entertainment In collaboration with DC Comics and Warner Bros Discovery Global Consumer Products, a brand new Kickstarter campaign has arrived Inspired by the opening credits of HBO Max's Peacemaker, new series of 6.25" bobble-heads could be[...]
Rotten Tomatoes Announces Their Own Card Game
Rotten Tomatoes announced a brand new tabletop game in partnership with Cryptozoic Entertainment, simply called Rotten Tomatoes: The Card Game The news comes as the website is celebrating its 25th Anniversary as the game itself takes elements from their own website and movie ranking system to make a creative card game for up to 20 players[...]
Rotten Tomatoes: The Card Game Coming In 2023
Rotten Tomatoes has partnered with Cryptozoic Entertainment to create a card game based on their review website The game will have you playing as critics as you are dealt Movie Cards arranged in order by their Tomatometer scores and form each player's Movie Collection Then a player draws a Movie Card and reads the movie's[...]
WB Games Reveal New Mobile Game DC Dual Force
WB Games along with Cryptozoic Entertainment have announced a brand new mobile title for DC Comics called DC Dual Force The two will be working with Yuke's, the company that for years developed the WWF/E titles and is currently working on Earth Defense Force series and the new AEW wrestling title, to create a digital[...]
The Dark Knight Returns Is Getting A Board Game In 2021
Cryptozoic Entertainment revealed they will be making a board game based on the DC Comics Batman title The Dark Knight Returns The company didn't show anything off for it or give many details as to what the game would entail beyond the short introduction we have for you below What we do know is that,[...]
Rick and Morty Season 1 Trading Cards Box
Rick and Morty season 1 trading cards are on their way from Cryptozoic Entertainment The base card set will be 45 cards and will feature scenes from the episodes On top of that, there will be eight different insert sets to collect — character cards, stickers, standees, STR PWR, temporary tattoos, Rixty Minutes, Anatomy Park, and[...]
Fan-Favorite Worlds Collide In Cartoon Network Crossover Crisis Deck-Building Game
Cryptozoic Entertainment has been knocking it out of the park with boardgames lately I'm ecstatic about their partnership with Cartoon Network, for the Cartoon Network Crossover Crisis Deck-Building Game. The game features fan favorite characters from many current and classic Cartoon Network animated series Suitable for 2 players with a gameplay time of 30-45 minutes, you'll[...]
A Second Ghostbusters Boardgame Kickstarter Will Launch April 11th
So, it's no surprise that Cryptozoic Entertainment and Sony Pictures Consumer Products are launching a new Kickstarter campaign for a second game The new board game is crafted with fans in mind, and allows players to: -Switch between Proton and Slime Blower Packs with new custom figures and double-sided Character Cards. -Battle challenging new Plazm enemies that[...]
Ghostbusters Table Top Game To Release From Cryptozoic Entertainment
  Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters! You know the iconic movie and song, now take your love of Ghostbusters to the next level with an all new tabletop game! Ghostbusters: The Board Game, from Cryptozoic Entertainment is bringing the world's most highly respected group of paranormal investigators/exterminators to your home in a new way[...]
The 2014 Origins Award Winners For Tabletop Gaming – With A Few Surprises
Andrew Jr., Michael Wich Best Role Playing Supplement Night's Watch – Green Ronin Publishing, designed by: Joseph Carriker, Lee Hammock, Brett Rebischke-Smith, Ian Ireland, Michelle Lyons, John Hay Fan Favorite: DC Adventures Universe – Green Ronin Publishing, designed by: Darren Bulmer, Seth Johnson, Steve Kenson, Jon Leitheusser, John Polojac, Aaron Sullivan Best Board Game Trains– Alderac Entertainment Group, designed by:[...]
DC Deck-adence: The Ten Best Cards From DC Heroes Unite Deck Building Game
By Trent Pitts Call down the lightning, grab your Nth metal mace or let loose a flurry of Batarangs because a new group of super-villains has invaded the DC Deck Building Game.  To defeat them Cryptozoic Entertainment has released a box full of all new heroes, villains, equipment and locations to play with in DC[...]