A Second Ghostbusters Boardgame Kickstarter Will Launch April 11th

Last year Ghostbusters: The Board Game was a major success. So, it's no surprise that Cryptozoic Entertainment and Sony Pictures Consumer Products are launching a new Kickstarter campaign for a second game. The new board game is crafted with fans in mind, and allows players to:

-Switch between Proton and Slime Blower Packs with new custom figures and double-sided Character Cards.

-Battle challenging new Plazm enemies that combine into stronger versions to attack and split up in defense. Immune to Proton Streams, these phantoms can only be taken down by Ghostbusters wielding Slime Blower packs.


-Use new Ghosts to bring new Slime tokens that can inhibit the Ghostbusters' sight, movement, maneuvers and combat rolls.

-Recover stolen experimental Ghostbusting equipment and level the playing field with new weapon, trap, utility and tome cards to survive challenging Event Cards and reap the rewards before things go from worse to apocalyptic.

It's good news for the tabletop game industry when I second game is released in a series. Stay tuned for more information!