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Three Big Hardcovers From Image Comics For 30th Anniversary In 2022
Top Cow proudly presents the original stories that launched the series, collecting the very first Cyberforce story, "Tin Men of War." Fans can go back and rediscover the introduction of characters like Velocity, Ripclaw, Heatwave, Cyblade, Stryker, Impact, and Ballistic to the world of comics with brilliant art by Marc Silvestri All this and more,[...]
Top Cow Launches CyberForce 30th Anniversary Hardcover Kickstarter
 CYBERFORCE is getting a 30th Anniversary Hardcover that collects its original issues from the 1990s Top Cow Productions has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the book with different editions and perks , the series that launched a new era of independent storytelling. Cyberforce Kickstarter graphic, Top Cow In celebration of Top Cow Productions/Image Comics' 30thanniversary, CYBERFORCE is[...]
What Is Marc Silvestri Working On?
He created Witchblade, The Darkness, Cyberforce and many other iconic characters. So what is he working on? Whatever it is must be a long project and he's teasing the hell out of it For the last three or four months Silvestri has been posting random images from a "secret project" that he seems to be spending[...]
Top Cow Previews: Genius #1, Tales Of Honor #4 And Cyberforce #10
The return of the Pilot Series book Genius, the continuation of the David Weber novel adaptation Tales Of Honor and the tenth issue of Cyberforce. TALES OF HONOR #4 Written by Matt Hawkins Art By Sang-II Jeong GENIUS #1 Written by Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman Art by Afua Richardson CYBERFORCE[...]
36 Thoughts About 36 Comics – Futures End, Original Sin, Batman Eternal, Adventure Time, Woods, Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man, Grindhouse, Phantom Stranger, Revival, Satellite Sam, Justice League 3000, Batman/Superman, Chaos, Miss Fury, Revenge, Revelations, Aphrodite, Red Sonja, Turok, Sinister Dexter, Sixth Gun, Suicide Risk, Rat Queens, Illegitimates, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Cyberforce, Lone Ranger, Alex + Ada, Black Bat, Powerpuff Girls, Crow, Black Dynamite, Jinnrise, I Was The Cat, Garfield And Dead Letters
But it's good to know the ninety-nine percenters have always behaved like this. CyberForce #9 has some serious First World problems too. Poor Miss Fury No one considers her problems either It's a cruel world What's a girl to do? Anyone else suggest any subtle messages? Well, yes, something like that I'm sure From Chaos #1. Revenge makes[...]
Top Cow Covers It – Part One
Well, I love good art so I figure we'd run all the covers over this weekend in two parts. Here we have Aphrodite IX, Artifacts (I wrote that one), A Voice In The Dark, Cyberforce, The Darkness, Death Vigil and Rise Of The Magi. And tell me that last one isn't cool as hell. [...]
Twenty-One Thoughts About Twenty-One Comics – Uncanny X-Men, Superior Spider-Man, Darkness, Cyberforce, Aphrodite IX, Kiss Me Satan, Buzzkill, Harbinger, Bounce, BPRD, X-Men Legacy, Conan, X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Morbius, Savage Wolverine, Savage Dragon, Zero, Peter Panzerfaust, Morning Glories And Dream Thief
But, in The Darkness, anti-heroes can be… Cyberforce goes for bottoms first. In Aphrodite IX, some girls don't need a dragon tattoo They are a dragon. Nothing moves but their eyeballs in Kiss Me Satan #1… don't have an accident in that thing in your first issue, okay? Too late for Buzzkill #1… And Harbinger has a vehicle that,[...]
Late Night Teaser – Cyberforce By Silvestri
Over on his Facebook page comic artist and Image co-founder Marc Silvestri posted a tease for Cyberforce #10 from Top Cow. Here's why I love Sunny Gho Check out this utterly mind-crushing coloring job he did over my pen and ink cover Oh, and he's not even done yet…Cyber Force #10… CRUSHHHH! So here is the color version 'work in[...]
Your Free Copy Of Cyberforce #2
Here it is! Free gratis, funded by Kickstarter. Of course if you want the version with the two extra Marc Silvestri pages at the back, you'll have to pick
Cyberforce – The Price Of Freedom
A number of retailers aren't too happy with the performance of the Cyberforce relaunch Funded by Kickstarter to a six figure sum, it's been sold by Top Cow to retailers for a very small amount but they are intended to be given away for free Retailers are meant to make their money from the variant[...]
Thirteen Thoughts About Thirteen Comics – Nudity, Baiting And Naughty Words
Could do better. You may have read the Cyberforce #1 free digital comic… but the free printed comic has two extra pages, drawn by Marc Silvestri Not so much drawn, as etched… blimey, that's good looking stuff Come on digital readers, get thyself to a comic shop. Didn't the Cylons also have a plan? Hope Rick Grimes'[...]