Top Cow Launches CyberForce 30th-Anniversary Hardcover Kickstarter

 CYBERFORCE is getting a 30th Anniversary Hardcover that collects its original issues from the 1990s. Top Cow Productions has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the book with different editions and perks. , the series that launched a new era of independent storytelling.

Top Cow Launches CyberForce 30th Anniversary Hardcover Kickstarter
Cyberforce Kickstarter graphic, Top Cow

In celebration of Top Cow Productions/Image Comics' 30thanniversary, CYBERFORCE is being collected in a special action-packed 664-page hardcover collection of the original stories that launched the Top Cow Universe. The original CYBERFORCE run features the work of legendary creators Marc Silvestri, Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, Walter Simonson, David Finch, Joe Chiodo, Scott Williams, Brian Haberlin, Joe Benitez, and Michael Turner, which has not been reprinted in any format since 1994. Top Cow is inviting fans to take part in the excitement and push how far the campaign's exclusives can go via Kickstarter stretch goals.

Top Cow Launches CyberForce 30th Anniversary Hardcover Kickstarter
Kickstarter Exclusive Cover Art by Marc Silvestri and Bryan Valenza

CYBERFORCE is about a group of cybernetically enhanced resistance fighters on the run from the monolithic multi-national conglomerate CYBERDATA that created them. All the big action, larger-than-life characters you loved return in this gorgeously rendered and assembled first volume of Cyberforce absolute collected editions!



This exclusive CYBERFORCE COMPLETE COLLECTION VOL 1 Hardcover Kickstarter collection will feature the cover art by the original series creator and founder of Top Cow and Image Comics, Marc Silvestri, with fan-favorite colorist Bryan Valenza. In addition, every physical backer will receive a special edition bookplate signed by Marc Silvestri and Kickstarter exclusive dust-jacket!

Top Cow Launches CyberForce 30th Anniversary Hardcover Kickstarter
Kickstarter Exclusive Dust-Jacket

"It's wonderful, surreal, and a bit crazy that we're celebrating 30 years since CYBER FORCE first burst on the comic scene! The Cyber Force Complete Collection is a love letter to the '90s and to all the talented creators and amazing fans that made the whole CYBER FORCE adventure possible. Take a peek and check out our Kickstarter campaign and please join us in celebrating the big, BIG fun that was the 90's. And thank you all so much because, without your support, none of this would have happened!"

"The 664-page hardcover is a nostalgic masterpiece in itself, but the Todd McFarlane and Stjepan Sejic prints, the 30th-anniversary commemorative edition…along with all the other rewards make this one a HUGE celebration!" says Top Cow President Matt Hawkins. "Thirty years is a milestone for any project or company, and we look forward to thirty more."

Top Cow Launches CyberForce 30th Anniversary Hardcover Kickstarter
CYBERFORCE Print by Stjepan Sejic , Top Cow

This Kickstarter will just be one of many unprecedented and revolutionary projects that Top Cow will launch to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Top Cow and Image Comics as they "bring back the 90's"! Fans should take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in CYBERFORCE COMPLETE COLLECTION VOL. 1 Kickstarter and stay tuned for more news coming soon.

Top Cow Launches CyberForce 30th Anniversary Hardcover Kickstarter
Kickstarter key art, Top Cow

The CYBERFORCE COMPLETE COLLECTION VOL. 1  Kickstarter is now live.

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