Thirteen Thoughts About Thirteen Comics – Nudity, Baiting And Naughty Words


Welcome to Hawkeye #3. Which looks at his trick arrows a lot. But he also seems to have some kind of trick penis. How are they handling it over at DC?

That's right, Catwoman in Catwoman #13 hates skin. Hates it. Especially when that zipper keeps coming down showing off as much as it as possible.

From Star Wars: Agent Of The Empire: Hard Targets: The Search For The Colon Graveyard #1 Whereas most Star Wars fans merely know how to "bait" to Princess Leia.

Wonder Woman has been portrayed as a hard, cold, grim'n'gritty comic book. And, set in the primal world of the gods, that's pretty much the case. So it's nice to see that she can still do stuff like this in Wonder Woman #13. And with Justice League spotlighting her, and a co-star in Batwoman, all out this week, there's a lot of her to go round. She's in more books than Wolverine!

Although, lost in this maze, is there any guarantee we'll see her again? Batwoman #13 continues to give us the most amazing layouts and storytelling devices, as well as divergent art styles to suit different sections. This is, more than anything, the Acme Novelty Library of DC Comics. When JH Williams III leaves for Before Sandman, he will be much missed.

I think Captain America got the same reaction in World War II on the frontlines. It's a shame he wasn't a master in snappy reparte as The Comedian, in Before Watchmen: Minutemen #3.

Princess Amethyst gets a Babel fish, and cuts the amount of alien language fonts needed in this comic, in Sword Of Sorcery: Amethyst #1. "The Citrine Of Tongues"… is that a slightly sharp lemon?

Hellboy gets his first smokes, and a lecture in BPRD 1948 #1. The old trick of making him smoke the entire packet at once probably wouldn't work on him though.

In New Avengers #31 we get an everyone-sitting-around-a-table-and-talking issue again. And I can't work out if Logan is bing absolutely serious here…

That's better. The Zaucer Of Zilk is IDW's second 2000AD comic, albeit one that hardly anyone will know is from 2000AD, aside from the giveaway of multicoloured bars at the top and bottom of the page. For those who enjoy Peter Milligan on Justice League Dark or Red Lanterns, and for those who enjoyed Brendan McCarthy on Spider-Man/Dr Strange, this is the mainline stuff from McCarthy and Ewins. Obtrusively surreal, gloriously psychedelic and, well, it's also a superhero book. Or a sort.

Ultimate Iron Man reveals that he was a bit of a div in school. Still, he seems to have made up for it now. Although the comic itself looks like it could do with a few after-hours lessons. Could do better.

You may have read the Cyberforce #1 free digital comic… but the free printed comic has two extra pages, drawn by Marc Silvestri. Not so much drawn, as etched… blimey, that's good looking stuff. Come on digital readers, get thyself to a comic shop.

Didn't the Cylons also have a plan? Hope Rick Grimes' is better than that one.

Courtesy of Orbital Comics, London, gearing up for their Hallowe'en Hullaballoo!

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