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Scaremy K's Horror Round-Up: 'Happy Death Day 3'? 'Three From Hell', Trailers, and More!
Masterfully blending haunting visuals with pulse-pounding sound design, director Emma Tammi evokes a godforsaken world in which the forces of nature come alive with quivering menace. In the complete OPPOSITE direction of atmospheric horror is the bluntness of the new Danny Trejo fright Bullets of Justice where he fights a race of pig people. During the Third[...]
Bleeding Cool Exclusive: A Clip From Maximum Impact
The movie, which stars Alexander Nevsky, Danny Trejo, Tom Arnold and Kelly Hu, has agents of the US and Russia teaming up to prevent terrorists from disrupting a secret summit. The clip features secret service agents Tom Arnold (Vice's Hunt for the Trump Tapes, True Lies) and Kelly Hu (The Orville, Dietland, X-Men 2) in a[...]
The Flash Season 4: Inside the Episode 'Therefore She Is'
Executive producer Todd Helbing sets things up by telling us that Cisco (Carlos Valdes) has been struggling with the job offer Breacher (Danny Trejo) had made him to take over for him running the collection job out of Earth-19 with Gypsy (Jessica Comacho) That story gets picked up tonight… and spoilers ahead. Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW[...]
Danny Trejo the flash
We also get the return of Danny Trejo as Breacher The synopsis for the episode reads: DANNY TREJO RETURNS AS BREACHER; KEVIN SMITH DIRECTS — Barry (Grant Gustin) and Ralph (guest star Hartley Sawyer) take different approaches to finding the remaining bus metas before DeVoe gets to them However, Ralph's cavalier attitude frustrates Barry and the two clash[...]
Danny Trejo the flash
Besides being the first new episode after a multi-week hiatus, the episode features the return of Danny Trejo as Breacher It's also directed by Kevin Smith and was the episode he was working on in post when he had his heart attack It also features a cameo of Smith and his usual acting partner Jason[...]
Flash season 4
We also get to meet Breacher, Gypsy's father played by Danny Trejo. The video opens by showing us that Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) has taken down all of the photos from his mother's murder that he used to have in his office in the police station This is symbolic of how he's moved on from his[...]
Flash season 4
The new clip below shows some highlight for later in the season along with the two of them working with their therapist. Some of the key scenes we see in the clip involves getting our first look at Danny Trejo as Breacher, Gypsy's father We also see The Thinker, Barry out partying, and what looks to[...]
danny trejo
Somebody check Danny Trejo's Thetan levels — he's acting like a very suppressive person lately! Superstar actor Danny Trejo is in danger of disconnection Trejo criticized Tom Cruise in a Facebook Live interview as reported by Yahoo! Movies In the interview, Trejo had some strong words for actors who perform their own stunts, putting the jobs of[...]
The Flash
I'm sure that's going to be a fun meeting for Cisco Ramon. Danny Trejo (Machete, From Dusk Till Dawn, Sons of Anarchy) has signed on to play the role of Breacher, a feared bounty hunter from Earth-19 and the imposing father to inter-dimensional bounty hunter, Gypsy (Jessica Camacho) His mission is to prevent any inter-dimensional traveler from threatening[...]
The Burning Dead To Be Released In Early 2015
The Tom Downey and Danny Trejo zombie movie The Burning Dead will be released on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD early in 2015 In the Rene Perez directed film, a sheriff must rescue an estranged family from a mountain during a volcanic eruption and fight off a horde of lava-filled zombies brought to life by a curse[...]
Machete Kills Again… In Space Trailer
I don't get to see a lot of Robert Rodriguez's movies (I think my stance on horror movies is well documented around these parts) but I do find it amusing that he and Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth make these fake trailers for movies that aren't real yet. The newest one, though, apparently does have some[...]