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Tim Seeley and Alberto Alburquerque are creating a Darkstalkers one-shot spotlighting Jedah in Udon Entertainment's April 2024 solicits and solicitations As well as a hardcover artbook of Gisele Lagace's Ménage à 3 webcomics. Jedah first appeared in Vampire Savior/Darkstalkers 3 6000 years old, the youngest out of the three High nobles of Makai, he is a[...]
First 4 Figures Reveals New Darkstalkers Morrigan Player 1 & 2 Statue
Immerse yourself in the haunting world of Darkstalkers with the newest statue from First 4 Figures with Morrigan! Capturing the iconic succubus in both Player 1 and Player 2 colors, this statue is ready to seduce any gamers collection! Coming in at 10" tall, this meticulously crafted statue showcases Morrigan's alluring yet fierce presence, with[...]
Darkstalkers Succubus Morrigan Joins the Fight with Storm Collectibles
Creatures of the night and collectors alike, hold onto your souls because Storm Collectibles is back with a charming addition to our 1/12 scale Darkstalkers line! Morrigan, the alluring succubus, is descending from the darkness and onto your collection, and she's ready to seduce your heart and shelf! Take the fight to the enemy and[...]
Darkstalkers Morrigan and Lilith Join Good Smile’s Pop Up Parade 
The world of Darkstalkers, the popular Capcom fighting game, is coming to life with not one but two new seductive statues The succubus Morrigan Aensland and her "sister" Lilith are back and ready to add some lust to any fan's Darkstalkers collection Morrigan is one of the game's main characters, while Lilith is created from[...]
Udon Studios is giving Felicia from Darkstalkers her own comic book in April First introduced in Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors, she has appeared in every game in the series including crossovers And now she is getting a comic book, courtesy of Tim Seeley, Tovio Rogers, and Udon Studios in their April 2023 solicits and solicitations,[...]
Darkstalkers Lilith Gets Devilish New Kotobukiya Bishoujo Statue 
Kotobukiya is back with another impressive and seductive statue from the hit Capcom video game, Darkstalkers This time, the deadly and dangerous Lilith is back and featuring a brand new design from Shunya Yamashita This devilish statue capture elements from the fellow succubus Morrigan, but with colors and detail to make her shine on her[...]
Darkstalkers: Morrigan
The Wicked + The Divine, X-Factor and now Darkstalkers from Udon Entertainment. The Morrígan is a figure from Irish mythology, mainly associated with war and fate, especially with foretelling doom, death or victory in battle In this role she often appears as a crow, incites warriors to battle and can help bring about victory over their[...]
Darkstalkers Felicia Receives Feisty New Kotobukiya Bishoujo Statue
Your favorite cat woman is back as Kotobukiya has revealed that Felicia from the hit game Darkstalkers joins their Bishoujo statue series The 1/7th scale statue captures the beauty of this iconic Capcom figure and is beautifully sculpted featuring some incredible detail Kotobukiya has added some texture detail as well, with Darkstalkers Felicia showcasing her[...]
Darkstalkers Morrigan is Back With New Seductive Kotobukiya Statue
Darkstalkers fans are in for a sexy treat as Kotobukiya reveals their newest Bishoujo statue Morrigan's beauty and sex appeal come to life with this brand new 1/7th scale statue This iconic Darkstalkers character wears her seductive costume with her fangs out as she looks for a new heartthrob to take a nice bite out[...]
Street Fighter x Darkstalkers Menat as Felicia Statue PCS Statue
This newest statue comes out of Street Fighter V as new Darkstalkers costumes come to life with Menat Menat is dressing up as Felicia, this time giving collectors a purrfect collectible for their collection This feisty fighter is displayed on top of a tarn ball base, showing off her new skin-tight and revealing costume design[...]
Capcom Plans To Bring Back "Dormant IPs" In The Future
Credit: Capcom Capcom is looking into bringing back some classics from its catalogue. If you've been missing IPs like Dino Crisis or Darkstalkers over the years, they might be coming back In Capcom's 2019 financial report, the company mentioned to interested investors that it has interesting plans for the future Capcom will "revive dormant intellectual properties for[...]