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Top 100 Power List of Comics, 2019 Edition
And now his messages appear on the streets of Hong Kong in protest… but it's his new CEO Silenn Thomas who is the driving force here, and set to make a name for herself to rival his. David Gabriel (Down) Senior Vice President of Sales at Marvel, ructions at Marvel have helped David Gabriel this year,[...]
spirits of vengeance
Just one day after Marvel revealed the details and creative team of Spirits Of Vengeance, the book has been undercut with the announcement that it will run for just five issues, which is, according to top Marvel brass, "the death knell" for anything in the Marvel Universe that isn't Star Wars. Back in April, during Marvel's terrible, horrible, no[...]
Well, At Least Everyone's Talking About Marvel Comics Today…
At the weekend, it was implied by some folk that Bleeding Cool was making a lot of fuss about nothing regarding the coverage of ICV2's retailer summit reports and interview with Marvel SVP David Gabriel. Now, in the light of everyone else, it seems positively restrained Here are just a few Will the late night talks[...]
Direct Market vs. Diversity: Another Look At The Issue
As Bleeding Cool has been breaking down and reporting in small, easily digestible chunks for readers from an extensive report from the Marvel Retailer Summit with ICv2 this weekend, Marvel has laid some of the blame for the comics sales slump, and presumably perceived weaker performance in their own sales, at the foot of the push[...]
Marvel Blames Comics Market Sales Slump On Election Angst
David Gabriel, Marvel's Senior Vice President – Sales and Marketing, has been having some pretty frank conversations over at the Marvel Retailer Summit. One element which was very frank indeed was when Gabriel discussed the sales slump in the comics market in general Gabriel says, "There was just a big shift in the entire industry, and there[...]
Axel Alonso Says Rotating Artists Way To Go For Big Events
This last part is presumably easier to do when you're not already planning the next three events before the first has even seen its first issue finished. Of course, David Gabriel, Marvel's Senior Vice President – Sales and Marketing promises a ray of hope after this, "Hopefully, you guys will be happy to know that at the[...]
Marvel's David Gabriel: "The Limited Series Is The Death Knell" (Except For Star Wars)
In addition, they've interview Marvel Vice President of Sales and Marketing David Gabriel in a third article You can check them out here, here, and here The reports are chock full of extremely candid responses from Marvel to retailer feedback covering a wide variety of topics We've already told you about Gabriel's comments about readers not[...]
Marvel's David Gabriel Teases The Death Of Deadpool?
David Gabriel is Marvel's SVP of Sales & Marketing (and tipped to be more by the rumour mill) He's also the guy who once jokingly promised a death every quarter at Marvel Comics to help promote sales. Which Marvel have since provided. And it doesn't look like he's stopping any time soon In a rather incestuous fashion, he[...]