DC Legends To See 'Titans' Update Soon

Casual, turn-based battle, collect-'em-all mobile game DC Legends has been teasing a new update for the coming month, after having a month-long Wonder Woman event and characters in June.

And it would seem to be Titans, both mononym and Teen in variety.

DC Legends

If you've never played the game before, it revolves around players collecting some of the biggest and baddest superheroes and villains of the DC Universe to go up against Nekron and his army of Black Lanterns, Manhunters and undead creatures.

Or as Warner Bros. International Enterprises describes it:

Batman! Wonder Woman! Flash! Green Arrow! Harley Quinn! Superman! Joker! Medphyll?!

Collect & Command your favorite DC Super Heroes and Super Villains in DC's mobile exclusive Strategy RPG.

Nekron and his legion of Manhunters have launched an all out invasion to destroy the DC Universe and fulfill the Blackest Night prophecy. Collect and level up your unlikely team of Super Heroes & Super Villains to save the world in epic 4v4 combat!

• Evolve to unlock exclusive Legendary outfit, and powers for your heroes!
• Upgrade powerful gear for your hero, like Batman's Batarang, Sinestro's Power Battery, or Lex Luthor's Kryptonite Ring!
• Strategically rank up your Super Hero or Super Villain to Legendary for improved stats, Super Powers, and new visual personas

DC Legends

On their Twitter, DC Legends started the teasers a few days ago with this set of emoji clues:

Well, now they have revealed a set of silhouettes for three new characters coming soon to the game for players to collect, and likely with associated events to help players get them faster.

That's Nightwing, Blue Beetle and Terra, coming to DC Legends in July.

DC Legends is a pretty forgiving game on players, allowing them to take part at their own pace, and make the most out of it whatever their play style, with plenty of options for game challenges for those who want to go all in.

DC Legends is available on Android and iOS devices now.

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