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Chained Echoes Will Be Released Sometime In Q4 2022
Indie publisher Deck13 revealed today that they will be releasing their upcoming RPG Chained Echoes sometime in Q4 2022 Developed by Matthias Linda, this is a modern title with an old-school feel to it The artwork will remind you of titles like Stardew Valley, but the mechanics will take you back to the SNES era[...]
Holomento Will Launch In Early Access In Late April
Deck13 announced this week that they'll be bringing their new action RPG Holomento to Early Access on Steam in late April Created and developed by Sean Weech, the game will have you playing as a lone warrior who has tasked themselves with the dangerous quest of trying to make their way through the mysterious Eventide[...]
CrossCode, Cult-Hit Indie 2D JRPG, To Release On PS4 and Switch
CrossCode, an indie JRPG game created by ININ Games, Deck13, and Radical Fish Games, is finally coming to the Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch consoles This comes after CrossCode made over 400,000 sales on PC. An array of products for CrossCode, an indie game by ININ Games, Deck13, and Radical Fish Games. CrossCode will be available in[...]
Deck 13 Reveals The Release Date For The Surge 2
Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive brought a brand new trailer for The Surge 2 with them to Gamescom 2019 as they approach release. The game is entering the final stages of production, so to show off what's up, they released a gameplay overview trailer This trailer details returning and new mechanics in the game, gives you[...]
Deck 13 Reveals The Release Date For The Surge 2
This morning, Deck13 revealed a few more details about their upcoming game, The Surge 2, being published by Focus Home Interactive We now know the game will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 24th, and will have a special Limited Edition with specific gear, which you can see in the[...]
The Surge Has A Free Demo Available On Xbox One, PC, And PS4 Today
The world took up the challenge to survive hardcore action-RPG The Surge from Deck13 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC when it launched in May, and now you can jump in to take on the first few hours with a free demo. Play the game from the very beginning as you start your battle through CREO, a[...]
Go Behind The Scenes With Deck13 As They Discuss The Surge
Go behind the scenes in today's trailer, as the Deck13 team discuss how they created the game's brutal combat and unique industrial, near-future Earth setting The game tackles issues of environmental destruction, corporatism, and misuse of technology which are pretty relevant even in our own world Taking control of the exo-suited Warren, players will explore rich,[...]
'The Surge' Reveals A New Awesome Combat Trailer
credit//Deck13 The Surge is an upcoming action RPG from Deck13 that makes the Caterpillar P-5000 look weak by comparison A lot of the game is set in space with you and your enemies in somewhat mechanized suits, duking it out as you make your way to each objective The game itself looks pretty awesome and we're down[...]
The Surge Has Gone Gold!
Focus Home Interactive announced today that The Surge, the hardcore action-RPG developed by Deck13 has officially gone gold on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC The game will release on May 16 and is already available for pre-order on consoles and PC. The press release put out about the announcement reads, "We are also happy to[...]
The Surge Shows Off Targeting, Looting, And Weapon Equips In A New Trailer
Deck13's upcoming RPG The Surge got a new trailer this morning showing off the targeting, looting, and equip processes And when you think about it, weapon equips should be a bit more lengthy and difficult here, since you're literally adding them to your robotic exoskeleton. In order to loot things from enemies – because stealing their robotic[...]