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DC Comics' First Omnibus, Deluxe, Compendiums, Collections For 2022
But there are a few more books suddenly scheduled for 2022 as well, including Omnibus, Deluxe, Compendium and more formats – and the beginning of a DC Universe By Mark Waid series as well, now that Dan Didio is gone as well And a number of books intended for 2020 and 2021 that are now[...]
Burnside Batgirl Omnibus And More Big Books For 2021
Here is a selection of DC Comics Absolute, Omnibus, Complete, Deluxe and other collections coming through, including a Batgirl Burnside Omnibus. Absolute Jack Kirby's Fourth World Vol 2 Hardcover, November 30, 2021, 808 pages (the second-largest Absolute Edition (right behind Absolute Fourth World by Jack Kirby Vol.1 at 816). For the first time ever, DC collects the[...]
Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusaders Gets Deluxe Treatment
It gets the deluxe hardcover treatment from DC Comics this October.   Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader cover Credit: DC Comics. The solicitation for Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader, which was released along with the rest of DC Comics' October catalog, reads: BATMAN: WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE CAPED CRUSADER? DELUXE 2020 EDITION HC written by NEIL GAIMAN art[...]
64 Deluxe Oversized S&N Omnibuses On Your Shelf Over $200
Okay, you may lose a lot of it in shipping costs… but after yesterday's look at collections selling for over $100, here's a look at the Deluxe volumes, the Slipcased, the Absolute, the Omnibuses, the signed and numbered volumes, the variant hardcovers that have been selling for $200 and more. The Walking Dead Deluxe Omnibus Vol[...]
More DC Omnibus, Deluxe And Long Awaited Collections For 2015 –
6 Flinch Book One, collecting the Vertigo horror anthology series with work from Brian Azzarello, Frank Quitely, Garth Ennis, Ty Templeton, Eduardo Russo, Bill Willingham, Doug Mahnke, Greg Rucka and possibly Jim Lee's greatest story to date. The existing Green Lantern by Geoff Johns volume is joined by The Flash By Geoff Johns Book One collecting The Flash #164-176, The Flash[...]
Glitchwatch: 100 Bullets Deluxe Book 4 For Under A Tenner
A 500 page hardcover for under a tenner… The price of the 100 Bullets Deluxe Book 4 on has glitched again, down from the cover price of £37.99 to £9.59. If past experience is anything to go by, it won't last long So retailers, readers, fill your boots. UPDATE: The Marshal Law hardcover is doing is[...]
Amazon Deluxe Glitch Speads… A Little
This isn't the industry-wide Amazon glitch of yesteryear. But as well as Marshal Law being glitch-priced down to 70% off on Amazon,, months from publication, it seems that 100 Bullets: The Deluxe Edition Book 4 is also getting similar treatment, down from an expected £37.99, listed on Amazon at £14.99 and then marked down to £12.74,[...]
David Mazzucchelli Hopes People Don't Buy Batman Year One
From missing words in Absolute Kingdom Come, to the Challengers Of The Unknown story in Secret Origins just… stopping halfway through, to the continual lateness and rescheduling of the Flex Mentallo hardcover, to the binding issues on hardcovers that have become YouTube semi-sensations. And now David Mazzucchelli has entered the fray talking about next week's deluxe[...]