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Demiplane Partners With Free League To Launch Free League Nexus
Demiplane has officially partnered with Free League Publishing to launch its own online RPG system called Free League Nexus Much like they recently did for Pathfinder, the company has created an all-in-one access point for PC and mobile access to all of their content, giving you a better way to play any of their tabletop[...]
World Of Darkness Partners With Demiplane For Digital Toolset
World Of Darkness announced that they have partnered with Demiplane to create a new online digital toolset for their games The official name of it will be called World Of Darkness Nexus, and much like the name suggests, this will be a nexus point for all things WoD for you to find, research, plan, and[...]
Paizo Partners With Demiplane To Launch Pathfinder Nexus
Paizo announced today they have partnered up with Demiplane to launch their own online organization system with Pathfinder Nexus Much in the same vein of how D&D Beyond works with Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder Nexus will be your one-stop spot for all things Pathfinder on PC, laptop, and mobile devices through their website and app[...]
Adam Bradford Heads To Demiplane As Chief Development Officer
Demiplane has announced that they've scored a top-name talent to join the company as Adam Bradford is their new Chief Development Officer His primary role at the digital platform will be to work directly with product and community development efforts, as well as being responsible for the platform's continued growth If you're not familiar with[...]