World Of Darkness Partners With Demiplane For Digital Toolset

World Of Darkness announced that they have partnered with Demiplane to create a new online digital toolset for their games. The official name of it will be called World Of Darkness Nexus, and much like the name suggests, this will be a nexus point for all things WoD for you to find, research, plan, and play all of their TTRPG titles. It couldn't have been developed at a better time as more and more people are getting into Vampire: The Masquerade's 5th Edition, and with the reveal of several games on the way in the same franchise to broaden their current take on this mystical world.

World Of Darkness Partners With Demiplane For Digital Toolset
Credit: Demiplane

Much like Wizards Of The Coast with D&D Beyond and, more recently, Paizo with Pathfinder Nexus (which they also work with Demiplane on), this will eventually be a digital destination for those who wish to tackle these games in a digital format. We got a couple of quotes below from both companies about the new portal as this will launch sometime in 2022.

"There's really nothing like World of Darkness. The rich lore and unique feel of the setting leads to such compelling characters that you want to find out what happens to them," said Adam Bradford, Chief Development Officer at Demiplane. "World of Darkness Nexus will allow players to engage with those characters in new ways and make preparing and telling great stories together more convenient than ever."

"Our partnership with Demiplane signals a new era for World of Darkness TTRPG players and Storytellers with less bookkeeping so they can get to the fun parts of roleplaying faster. World of Darkness Nexus assembles all official game content in a convenient and accessible way for players, whether they are new to World of Darkness TTRPGs or have been playing for decades," Sean Greaney, Brand Manager for World of Darkness, said. "Demiplane's tools allow players to focus on what they love, creating stories with their characters and sharing those stories with their friends, with all the speed and ease that technology allows. We welcome the entire Vamily to check out the World of Darkness Nexus when it launches into Early Access next year."

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