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Nachie Marsham Wants IDW To Be Home For Creator-Owned Comics In 2022
Add to that ComiXology Originals, Webtoon, Substack, Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, Zoop, and Patreon, there are many ways for a comic book creator to get their creator-owned comic books in the stands, physical or digital. Nachie Marsham Wants IDW To Be Home For Creator-Owned Comics In 2022 But at the Diamond Retailer Summit last weekend, IDW publisher Nachie Marsham[...]
IDW To Bring Back Rocketeer Comics In April 2022
IDW announced a new edition of the Dave Stevens Rocketeer Artists Edition, reproducing the original work, but at the Diamond Retailer Summit last weekend, they also teased that with the Rocketeer's fortieth anniversary next April, that they would be putting out something new Dave Stevens is sadly no longer with us, he died of leukemia[...]
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Becomes Teenage Mutant Punk Frogs In 2022
At the Diamond Retailer Summit this past weekend, IDW was happy to talk up the success of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin, with Kevin Eastman going through multiple printings, with the fifth and final issue confirmed to be published in February 2022 It's been a long time coming but with issue 4 just[...]
Boom Studios To Launch We Are Slayer Buffy Event
At the Diamond Retailer Summit this past weekend, we previously reported on Morgan Perry, Retail Sales Lead for Boom Studios revealing some upcoming news about Buffy The Vampire Slayer comic books Well, she also dropped some major stats regarding the sales of BRZRKR #1, as BRZRKR #5 had its fifth issue out this week and[...]
AfterShock Comics Reverses Diamond's Variant Cover/Returnable Policy
Because at the Diamond Retailer Summit over the weekend, Vault Comics announced that the variant/returnability programme was returning, and that they had reversed Diamond's policy on the issue The first recipients of a variant cover programme AND returnability would be the new series Rush by Si Spurrier and Nathan Gooden, and Radio Apocalypse by Ram[...]
AfterShock Confirms Reverse Of Diamond Variant/Returnability Policy
At the Diamond Retailer Summit held online this weekend, Vault also promised that there would be more to talk about Heathen in 2022 Which means a) a new Heathen series to accompany the Omnibus, following the third series drawn by Ashley A Woods from 2020, but also possibly b) more news on the previously announced[...]
Dynamkte Launch Pantha #1 and Hell Sonja #1 In January
His new graphic novel, and the recipient of all this hype, is The Legion Of Forgettable Super-Villains Society will also be drawn by Fernando Ruiz, Archie Comics artist and both a student and later instructor at the Kubert School. Legion Of Forgettable Super-Villains Society is Marvel Meets Dog-Man Dynamite announced this, with the rather small visual below, at the[...]
We Live Gets A Sequel Series From AfterShock Comcis In 2022
It has been a little delayed, but at the Diamond Retailer Summit being held this weekend, AfterShock announced that We Live: Era Of The Palladions would be out in 2022 "Now is the Era of the Palladions, a new age for Earth and her people, protected against wild nature by armored heroes But what happened[...]
BOOM! Brings Faithless, Power Rangers Exclusives to Diamond Retailer Summit
BOOM! Studios has announced its EX-X-XCLUSIVES for the Diamond Retailer Summit: a black and white Paul Pope variant for Faithless #1 and a Dan Mora variant for Saban's Go Go Power Rangers #20 If you're having trouble remembering which is which, the one without the lesbians making out in the shower is Power Rangers. BOOM will[...]
marvel extended billing
At the Diamond Retail Summit, Marvel presented a new scheme that will let retailers delay payment to Diamond and Marvel, helping retailer cashflow. This will apply to retailers who hit the highest discount mark on ordering a title, based on previous orders. So you can get the deal -- but you have to order a lot.
Free The Viz Media Retailer Discount!
Viz Media have offered retailers attending the Diamond Retailer Summit in Las Vegas an extra 8% discount on their top ten titles, including their best seller Death Note and the increasingly popular Naruto series. But courtesy of one retailer at the show, now every retailer can take advantage of it if they wish…   Viz Media have[...]
The Future Of The Worlds Of Anomaly
And were showing off what's to come at the Diamond Retailer Summit in Las Vegas. The first volume is sold out, but more weill be ready for September, with ten new Augmented Reality pages, as well as the graphic novel from the same publishers, Shifter. Anomaly 2 will also be coming soon. And in December? A Between Worlds prose[...]
So Who Fancies Crashing Valiant's Las Vegas Party Tonight?
    Remember, what happens in Vegas, etc etc… At the Diamond Retailer Summit in Las Vegas, Valiant promised theyld stick to nine books a month to keep the  quality high, that Clayton Crain would keep on doing Rai interiors, that Chromium covers can be ordered without restriction and The Delinquents #1 will be out in August… with[...]
Twelfth Doctor Who Comics Coming From Titan 'Soon'
Titan Comics has been talking to retailers at the Diamond Retailer Summit in Las Vegas. And yes, they have promised that, along with Tenth and Eleventh Doctor Who comics, they will have Twelfth Doctor comics "soon". Right now retailers can order Doctor Who Preview bundles (of 50) and Dr Who exclusive covers can be commissioned and ordered[...]
Comic Book Retailers! Put Diamond Assets On Your Website Or Facebook Page!
At the Diamond Retailer Summit in Las Vegas, Diamond Comic Distributors announced a new plug-in option from the Diamond retailer website, enabling retailers to automatically show New Releases, Comics and Non-Comics items of the month (adult items excluded) on their own website directly from Diamond. Retailers can customize how to show the info and select the date[...]