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Dire Wolf Digital Announces Munchkin Digital
Dire Wolf Digital and game developer Steve Jackson revealed Munchkin Digital is on the way during PAX West 2022 This will be a full video game version of the popular board game in which you gather as many items as you can to break down 10 doors and get to the treasure, but not before[...]
Dire Wolf Digital Announces New Title Clank! Catacombs
Dire Wolf Digital revealed a brand new tabletop title in the Clank! franchise as they have announced Clank! Catacombs Much like previous entries into the series, you'll be deck-building and running through a dungeon looking for some treasure, trying to be the person with the most amount of loot before the end of the game[...]
Dire Wolf Games Will Take Over Publishing Of Clank!
Clank! has got a new publisher as Dire Wolf Digital announced this week they will be taking over for Renegade Game Studios The company made the announcement this week, formally taking over both the tabletop version as well as a digital version of the game On the tabletop front, they will now be publishing the[...]
Dire Wolf Digital Announces Dune Imperium Up For Pre-Order
Some awesome news for Dune fans as Dire Wolf Digital will be putting their upcoming game Dune: Imperium up for pre-order The game has been inspired by the upcoming film of the same name from Legendary Entertainment and is the first original Dune board game in nearly 40 years As you might suspect, a lot of the[...]
A Game Of Thrones: The Board Game – Digital Edition Launches Q3 2020
Developed by Dire Wolf Digital and being published by Asmodee Digital, the game was announced this week to be launched sometime in Q3 2020 As you might suspect, this is a video game version of the Fantasy Flight Games board game designed by Christian T Petersen that takes much of the content from the actual[...]
Auto Draft
This is an interesting combination of forces going here as you have Penny Arcade lending their license to both Renegade Game Studios (who own the Clank! IP) and Dire Wolf Digital who put the box together in order to make this new addition work with the original board game But what all are you getting[...]
Dire Wolf Set to Release new "Dark Frontier" Expansion for 'Eternal' Game
Fans of Eternal, Dire Wolf Digital's free to play digital collectible card game, have some pretty big news to celebrate! //Credit: Dire Wolf Digital …… Dire Wolf Launches Sixth Expansion for Eternal Card Game – Dark Frontier Denver, CO – May 9, 2019 – Dire Wolf Digital today announced the newest expansion for Eternal is now available on Steam,[...]
Dire Wolf Digital Shares More Details on 'Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker'
This May, Dire Wolf Digital will be delivering their new board game, Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker to game stores around the country Pre-order customers, though, will get theirs about two weeks early! credit//Dire Wolf Digital Game of Thrones™: Oathbreaker is a game of deception and social deduction One player assumes the role of King or Queen, while the[...]
Game of Thrones Will Be Getting a New Board Game Called Oathbreaker
Here's a few added details and a quote Dire Wolf Digital on the game. credit//Dire Wolf Digital "We're longtime fans of everything Game of Thrones" says Scott Martins, President of Dire Wolf Digital, "and we jumped at the chance to work with HBO to translate the tension and intrigue of one of the best shows in the world[...]