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'Deadwood': Dispatches From The Thoroughfare, Wu [Keone Young] Edition
Wu) shares his experiences from the set of the feature film, but via Brown's Instagram post: DISPATCHES FROM THE THOROUGHFARE: WU EDITION By Keone Young There are times in life when we need to be reminded that there is much goodness in this world Now when all we hear is abuse, hate, and fraudulence led by a misogynistic[...]
'Deadwood': W. Earl Brown Shares "Dispatches from the Thoroughfare V"
(*cue eyeroll*). Today on his personal Instagram, Brown shared another account of working on the production, a series of thoughts he's been calling "Dispatches From The Thoroughfare", this one being numbered "V" (aka 5):   View this post on Instagram   DISPATCHES FROM THE THOROUGHFARE V "A piano, Dan? What the fuck does it profit me to listen to a[...]