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A Week In Transphobia In Comics

Early in the week, in fact pretty much kicking it off, came news that Drawn & Quarterly had cancelled a book, Sadbøi, by artist Berliac due to a historic transphobic essay and comments that were brought to light.Now, on new comic day of the first full week of Pride Month, Image Comics released Howard Chaykin's[...]

Who's A Sadbøi Now? Book Cancelled Amid Transphobia Concerns

[caption id="attachment_662272" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Cover by Berliac[/caption]Drawn & Quarterly has cancelled the release of OGN Sadbøi by artist Berliac after controversial comments the artist made in the past have come to light A 2015 essay by the artist contained numerous transphobic sentiments, which were pushed further in online discussion between the artist and other parties, including members[...]

SDCC '15: Indie Publisher Drawn And Quarterly Marks 25 Years With Anniversary Book

Julia Pohl-Miranda, Marketing Director, and Tracy Hurren, Managing Editor, along with creators Michael DeForge (Ant Colony, First Year Healthy), Andres Nilsen (Big Questions, Rage of Poseidon) and Marc Bell (Stroppy, Pure Pajamas) gathered for a panel to present Drawn & Quarterly’s new anthology that commemorates 25 years as an independent publisher of comics.Their book is[...]

Haven't Read Moomin Yet? There's No Longer Any Excuse

And if you want a whole lot of Moomin, this Deluxe Edition is the place to start.Moomin: The Deluxe Anniversary Edition is published by Drawn & Quarterly, available now, and runs to 448 pages at 8.5 x 12.2 inches in size and $69.95 at full price Though you might find it for a little less[...]

Why Beautiful Darkness Is The Ultimate Anti-Fairytale

It transports you to a different level of seeing and will make you wonder what might be running from your footsteps next time you take a nature walk.Beautiful Darkness is published by Drawn & Quarterly, written by Marie Pommepuy & Fabien Vehlmann with art by Kerascoet It’s Translated by Helge Dascher.Christine Marie Vinciquarra is a[...]

Mimi Pond's Over Easy From Drawn & Quarterly Serenades The 70's

By Ed Saul "I had desperately wanted to be a hippie, but now I could see that ship had sailed." So says Mimi Pond in a beautifully-arranged panel of Over Easy, her comic memoir, while discussing the dawn of that most confusing and terrifying era of Western civilization – the 1970's. It seems almost as […]

New Drawn & Quarterly Book Beautiful Darkness Is A Fairytale Fallout

Like all disasters, you’re never quite prepared for what happens when it strikes, just as the characters aren’t prepared for its aftermath: and, down to the story’s ending with its shades of the Holocaust, you never know quite what to expect from these once-innocent-looking characters.Beautiful Darkness is being released by Drawn & Quarterly in March,[...]

The Drawn & Quarterly & Fantagraphics Panel

Louis Falcetti writes for Bleeding Cool;The Fantagraphics/Drawn & Quarterly panel is simultaneously not like other panels, yet very much like other panels, but at the same time, not at all like other panels It's not like other panels because it's not held in a cavernous hall filled to the brim with sweaty, rabid fans[...]

Drawn & Quarterly, Fantagraphics, Oni And Top Shelf Solicitations For July 2012

Drawn & Quarterly, Fantagraphics, Oni and Top Shelf Which means new books from Robert Crumb, William Burroughs, Michael Kupperman, the new colour volume of Scott Pilgrim and a new Wasteland volume.DRAWN & QUARTERLYAYA: LIFE IN YOP CITY GN (W) Marguerite Abouet (A/CA) Clement Oubrerie Ivory Coast, 1978 It's a golden time, and the nation, an oasis[...]