e3 2016

Newly Revealed Steep Brings All Kinds Winter Extreme Sports To The Game World

There haven't been too many new franchises announced at this years E3, but Steep is probably the biggest one so far. Coming from Ubisoft's press conference, it is an online (with a focus on social), open world, extreme winter sports game. The goals, and the gameplay hook seem a bit undefined right now, but if […]

Watch Dogs 2 Gets First Gameplay Reveal At E3

We were treated to the world premiere of Watch Dogs 2 last week, but most of it was concept and location stuff, so we hadn't yet seen it in action. That changed during Ubisoft's E3 Press Conference. We saw a look into Dedsec, the hacker group trying to take down corrupt establishment. (This is not […]

Grow Up Is The New Grow Home Sequel Announced At E3

Grow Home was a bit of an indie darling and it absolutely has fans on the ground. People really liked it a lot and it has become a cult hit with lots of lovers. That is why it is not surprising that the game is getting a sequel. It's called Grow Up and B.U.D is […]

Star Trek: Bridge Crew Show The Galaxy In VR

We heard about the Star Trek: Bridge Crew earlier this week, but Ubisoft weren't content with just that though. The game has just been debuted in motion at Ubisoft's E3 Press Conference. It shows that you and your friends will have to work together as a bridge crew to over come the challenges the Star […]

South Park: The Fractured But Hole Gets A New Trailer And Gameplay At E3

Ubisoft shocked everyone last year when it was announced that they were making a sequel to South Park: The Stick of Truth. The game, despite being great was supposedly a real chore to get done, but it seems Trey Parker and Matt Stone are willing to give it another go. The new game has just […]

Ghost Recon: Wildlands Has Shown It's Trailer And First Gameplay At E3

I didn't have a great handle on what Ghost Recon: Wildlands was after its debut last year, with an open world, drug busting, adventure…thing promised, but it didn't exactly bring an idea to mind. This year, they started with a cinematic trailer, showing off some bad dudes, messing with some bad business, but it had […]

Microsoft Announce Most Powerful Console Ever Project Scorpio At E3

We've been expecting to hear about the codenamed Scopio, but not so soon. But it has come to pass. But it did. There is tons to consider here, and details were quite light, but the line is that it will be the most powerful console ever made. No one is getting left behind either as […]

Halo Wars 2 Trailer Hits During Microsoft's E3 Press Conference

It was quite odd to see Halo Wars 2 announced at Gamescom last year, but it was also pleasantly surprising. I wasn't sure we'd see it until that show again, but Microsoft have indeed brought it to E3, as was leaked out yesterday. They've shown off this trailer for the game and it looks pretty […]

Sea Of Thieves Gets A Really Fun Gameplay Reveal At E3

Sea of Thieves is supposedly Rare's return to form after being locked in a Kinect dungeon for years. We got a great little look at it today at Microsoft's conference as well. There was a little cinematics trailer to show you the breadth of things you'll be doing. Take a look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0lE8DPOYRYVideo can't be loaded […]

Co-Op Scalebound Turns Up At Xbox's E3 Conference

I didn't expect to see Scalebound this year at E3, but hey. I'm not complaining. We just got a look at Scalebound co-op in the game, with many against one massive boss. "The biggest boss fight Platinum have ever mad according to director Hideki Kamiya. It really looks huge as well. The co-op dragon function […]

Dead Rising 4 Announced At Microsoft's Media Briefing

This shouldn't be too much of a surprise, since it has been everywhere on the internet, but nice to have it confirmed. Dead Rising 4 has just been announced at the Xbox One Media Briefing, and it looks neat. It is set during Christmas and welcomes back Frank West to the game. It looks ridiculous, […]

Limbo Creator's Inside Reappears At Xbox's E3 Conference And It Is Out Soon

Limbo was one of the indie games that really kicked off the indie megaboom in the industry. It truely is a wonderful little title. Inside is the next game from the developer was announced in 2014, but has remained quiet since then. It has reappeared today though and we won't have to wait long for […]

Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Shows At Xbox's E3 Media Briefing

Sadly, this one isn't as surprising as we thought it might be, thanks to a leak early, but it is still pretty massive. Final Fantasy XV showed at Microsoft's stage today, which is a pretty big symbolic gesture, as the series is usually associated with Sony. During the presentation we were walked through a live […]

ReCore Shows Off Bright Roboty Fun At Microsoft's E3 Conference

ReCore was announced last year at E3, so it's perhaps not surprising that it has turned up this year. We get a look at gameplay in this new trailer, and it looks pretty light and fun. It feels pretty tonally different then what we say last year, with a fun, bouncy song, but I still […]

[Confirmed] Xbox Slim Version Called 'Xbox One S' And Has A Low Price

And yet another leak NerdLeaks from Xbox before the show starts…hopefully. This one is pretty big too. Supposedly starting the show, Microsoft will announce the slim version of the Xbox One, which will go by the name of 'Xbox One S'. That makes sense. This is the one that is meant to be 40% smaller […]

Forza Horizon 3 Has Supposedly Leaked Early Ahead Of Microsoft's Conference

It looks like someone has really gotten into the deep secrets of Microsoft somehow, as their entire press conference seems to have been eviscerated. It's a shame really. That's not going to stop me bringing you the news though. This one comes from NerdLeaks, who have attainted their fair share of leaks over the last […]


Fallout 4 Is Coming To HTC Vive Next Year

I've had a go at retrofitting Fallout 4 into the HTC Vive with the use of certain programs, and I can tell you, it isn't a very good experience. Interesting to experience, but it is very clear specific work would have to be done by devs to get it up to par. Luckily, that is […]