Evolve Has Gone Gold – Check Out This Intro Cinematic To Celebrate

Evolve is probably the biggest game launch of the first two months of 2015 (with stiff competition from The Order: 1886). The game comes from Left 4 Dead developers Turtle Rock Studios and pits four hunters against a selection of ever evolving monsters. I've had a decent amount of time with the game at shows and during the public beta. Largely, I've been quite impressed. I need to see a little more to keep me playing for long periods of time, but I'm excited to see what Turtle Rock have brought to the table.

'Brought' is the correct tense too as the studio announced today that game has "gone gold", meaning development is done on the game. It's off now to go be packaged and ready to get into consumer hands on February 10th.

To celebrate, publisher 2K Games also released the intro cinematic for the game, which is actually pretty cool. It's just an overblown fight with the Goliath, but their are a few interesting choices when it comes to the cutting that make it pretty thrilling.  Check it out below