Evolve Stats Show The Game's Fine Balance Over Nearly 6 Million Matches

I'm still enjoying Evolve, and that's great news. I was worried I'd be done with it after a few days, but I'm enjoying dropping into Shear when I find the time.

It seems that there are quite a few others enjoying their time with it too. Turtle Rock Studios released an infographic highlighting a whole multitude of stats and it's encouraging reading. It shows that nearly 6 million games have already been played since the title's launch just over a week ago, while also revealing the fine balance that the developer has struck between Hunter and Monster as their win rates are nearly identical. That's seriously impressive considering all the variables happening in any one game.


evolve evolve_launch_info_sm3

There is a boat load of other stats to look through here too. As I said, I'm really glad to have Evolve to turn to, so I hope a bunch of other people continue to feel that way. I've enjoyed the community thus far and I'd like that to continue