Evolve Goes Bejewelled In New Mobile Game Hunter's Quest

Here's a weird one.

There is now a companion app for Evolve called Evolve: Hunter's Quest. That isn't odd in and of itself as most AAA games have a companion app nowadays. What's weird is that it's a Bejewelled type game. Players try to match coloured symbols and that then translates into attacks on a monster.

You can see it in action in this trailer released by publisher 2K Games.


Playing this game will earn you experience that translates into the full game too, so in theory you can do some leveling up on the road. That's a nice idea.

2K Games (via Eurogamer) explained:

An example of this would be that you unlock Markov's Lightning Gun Mastery Boost via Hunters Quest.

The next time you fire up Evolve, the game will read the Mastery Boost unlock and will increase your Mastery progression by close to 50 percent of its total amount.

It's a neat concept, but it's not one I think will win over the 'hardcore gamers' that this game will live or die on. My understanding is that some gamers hate casual mobile games, and this could feel like pandering by the publisher.

I think it's pretty inoffensive and some people will find leveling up useful on the road. If you read the comments under the trailer though, you'll see a lot of people don't necessarily feel the same.