"Amnesia: Rebirth" Has a "More Crazy" Project in the Works

"Amnesia: Rebirth" Has a "More Crazy" Project in the Works
Credit: Frictional Games

If you thought Frictional Games' previous Amnesia projects were terrifying, you haven't seen anything yet.

In a new interview with Vice, co-founder and creative director Thomas Grip indicated that what the team is currently working on is going to be "more crazy" than a sequel to Amnesia.

"We started wanting to make a sequel to Amnesia," he said. "But I think there was a lot of initial discussions on what that meant? We didn't know how big is this project going to be."

The team has decided that they will go "totally crazy" with what's up next later down the line. Amnesia: Rebirth is coming up first, however, with an autumn 2020 release window. There aren't a ton of details on what we can expect from the game just yet, but hopefully those are still to come going forward.

Amnesia: Rebirth will launch on PS4 and PC during the previously mentioned release window of Autumn 2020.

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