Gamescom 2020 Archives

Headup Games Announces Film Noir Platformer White Shadows
Headup Games released an announcement trailer during Gamescom 2020 this week for their film noir platformer White Shadows The game has been made to be a cinematic narrative puzzle platformer where you are told many things about your current society trying to survive a plague Until one day, a young girl decides to venture out[...]
Paradise Lost Receives A Brand New Teaser Trailer
All In! Games decided to bring a new trailer with them for Paradise Lost to Gamescom 2020, but not the typical trailer The video shows a CGI setting of the final moments of what appears to be one massive catastrophe You get a look around a bunker just before an explosion goes off, eventually leading[...]
Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy Gets A New Trailer
During Gamescom 2020 this week, Ludomotion and Big Sugar revealed a brand new gameplay trailer for Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy The trailer, released as an IGN exclusive, gives you a good five minutes worth of gameplay as you can see where they have taken the game since the previous one, and show off a[...]
Indie Arena Booth Online Reveals Their Gamescom 2020 Lineup
We have a little bit more info on what will be happening at Gamescom 2020 as the Indie Arena Booth Online has revealed their lineup As you're already aware, pretty much every convention has been moved to an online format this year due to COVID-19, and Gamescom is no exception But the finer details of[...]
Gamescom Is Moving Forward With 2020 Event For The Time Being
The organizers behind Gamescom 2020 have had to make a change of plans due to the impact of the coronavirus in Germany If you're not already aware, the German government decided to put down a mandate that there would be no public events through the end of August 2020, effectively ending whatever plans Gamescom had[...]