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At San Diego Comic-Con, we learned that Tom Scioli will write and draw a Go-Bots comic reboot for IDW, launching in October and touted as "the first story to feature classic toy and cartoon characters like Leader-1, Scooter, Turbo, and Cy-Kill's Renegades in over three decades!" "This is a dream project – I'm writing, drawing, coloring,[...]
IDW Go-Bots Comic Will Be Independent of Transformers
A new Go-Bots comic book series coming from IDW. Though that is not final art, remember. There has been no Go-Bots material for a very long time until now And yes, these are real Go-Bots from the original toys, with Leader One and all However, readers do not have to be familiar with the toy line, and[...]
Tom Scioli to Reboot Go-Bots at IDW
The other one! That's right! Go-Bots! The new series will be created by Tom Scioli, IDW revealed at their presentation at the Diamond Retailer Lunch Though it might seem odd for IDW to have two competing transforming robot franchises, things have changed since you were a kid Hasbro actually purchased the rights to the Go-Bots' fiction[...]