The Masked Singer: Looking Back on Season 3, Thoughts on Season 4

The competition was very tight in FOX's The Masked Singer Season 3 Finale. Frog Mask, Turtle Mask and Night Angel Mask all had the momentum to win this. Although we predicted the reveals a while ago, the projected winner has been less certain. Turtle and Night Angel delivered the strongest vocal performances. And Frog kept […]

Rhino on The Masked Singer, courtesy of FOX.

The Masked Singer Season 3 Review: Strike Three and Rhino's Out

At this point in the competition, the guessing game is practically over The contestants are even expressing their true selves more clearly with each song The time for façades is behind us as Frog, Night Angel, and Turtle belt it out for the trophy.SNL alum and masterful impressionist Jay Pharaoh joined Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy,[...]


The Masked Singer Season 3 Quarter Finals Review: Near Purrfection

Better Late Than Never’s Jeff Dye joined the panel and offered some hilarious guesses There was a method to his madness, even though he missed the mark While this group puts on a wonderful show, they aren't the best at keeping secrets We witnessed the season's most revealing clues yet After a little digging, we[...]

The Masked Singer panelists have a little fun, courtesy of FOX.

The Masked Singer Season 3 Review: In Space, No One Can Hear You Lose

Plus, our sure-fire guesses on Kitty, Rhino, Frog, Astronaut, Night Angel, and Turtle Watch this video to hear the proof for yourselves: is delivering fantastic performances at this point Nobody slipped up, which makes it even harder to send someone home All contestants are bringing their A-game[...]

Ken Jeong and Sharon Osbourne on The Masked Singer, courtesy of FOX.

The Masked Singer Season 3 Final Face-Offs Proved Quite Appealing

Surprisingly, Ken Jeong shared a couple of guesses that I made earlier in the season After Frog’s latest performance, he doesn’t really sound like Bow Wow or Omarion My original hunch could be right Frog might be comedians Katt Williams or Tommy Davidson The clues even began to fit Williams’ profile since he used to[...]

Rob Gronkowski has something to say to Nick Cannon on The Masked Singer, courtesy of FOX.

The Masked Singer Season 3 The Super Nine Masked Singer Special Review

Even I have no idea who Kangaroo is! I also half-heartedly guess Kate Bosworth for Kitty because of the eyes (probably too obvious) and new Robert Redford clue As you can tell by the videos, my guesses haven't changed much over the course of the season Here's where I officially stand: Turtle is Jesse McCartney,[...]


"The Masked Singer" Season 3: Group C Sees T-Rex Go Extinct [REVIEW]

FOX's The Masked Singer rounded out Group C finalists and the "Super Nine" cast is officially set.  While Season 3 has had a few ups and downs, the last group accurately whittled down the cast according to talent. The best singers and performers are sticking around – and we have a solid hunch about each […]

"The Masked Singer" Reveals "Bella" Of Group C Ball [SPOILER REVIEW]

Although we feel pretty confident about our guesses, we're sure a few more shockers will be revealed as the Season 3 Championship approaches.[caption id="attachment_1180075" align="alignnone" width="1280"] Michael Becker / FOX © 2020 FOX Media LLC.[/caption]Time to recap.. starting with ASTRONAUT! ANGEL!!!! Brings Us to..[...]

"The Masked Singer" Season 3: Group C First-Reveal Makes Un-Masking History [SPOILER REVIEW]

They have us guessing in leaps and bounds until the championships.[caption id="attachment_1176163" align="alignnone" width="2000"] Michael Becker / FOX © FOX Media LLC.[/caption]So time for the head-scratching games to begin!NIGHT ANGEL now..[...]