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Jamie Lee Curtis Open to A Halloween Sequel, With David Gordon Green

Halloween tore up the box office over the weekend, making $77 million and reinvigorating one of the oldest horror franchises out there. After such a huge success, it would be foolish to think they are not already thinking about sequels. But what of Jamie Lee Curtis? She has of course returned to the franchise multiple […]

Halloween Baddie Michael Myers Joins the Living Dead Dolls Line

Halloween baddie Michael Myers is getting a Living Dead Doll. Mezco Toyz line of Living Dead Dolls has been insanely popular with horror collectors and Monster Kids for years, and this is arguably the crown jewel. Michael will stand at 10 inches tall and come in window box packaging. Everything on the doll is screen-accurate, […]

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Halloween Sequel Details From Co-Writer Danny McBride

Halloween is coming back to the big screen next October. The film is co-written by Danny McBride, and over the weekend he gave some more insight into how they are reviving Michael Myers yet again. In speaking with Yahoo Movies, he talked about getting Jamie Lee Curtis involved, and a little about their approach in […]