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Harryhausen’s Skeleton Army Rise with New Star Ace Toys Statue 
Star Ace Toys does it again as they dive back into the past they continue to expand their Ray Harryhausen Anniversary Series This line literally captures cinematic history by showcasing some of Harryhausen's iconic and memorable stop-motion creatures We have seen sho man Harryhausen creations so far with The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, 20 Million[...]
Clash of the Titans Life-Size Bubo Collectible Coming from X-Plus
X-Plus is back with another incredible Ray Harryhausen Signature Collection, with this one coming to us from Clash of the Titans We return back to 1984 to this iconic film as the one and only Bubo is back with an entire 1:1 scale replica collectible This gift from the gods matches the original prop that[...]
One Million Years BC Dinosaur Comes to Life with New Star Ace Statue
The iconic stop-motion work of Ray Harryhausen comes back once again with this beautifully re-created Ceratosaurus statue Standing roughly 12 inches tall, the One Million Years B.C statue captures the original stop-motion model that Ray Harryhausen used in the film The dinosaur is depicted with his original details, hand-painted color, and will even come with[...]