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Hearthstone: Battlegrounds - Lobby Legends Will Kick Off This Weekend
Blizzard Entertainment has revealed details of this weekend's latest Hearthstone: Battlegrounds esports event with Lobby Legends: Noblegarden Yet another tournament that will be played entirely online, the organization will be running this one from Maty 13th-14th, bringing in 16 of the top players from around the world to compete for the top honors and a[...]
Hearthstone: Battlegrounds To Launch First Esports Event
Blizzard Entertainment revealed details for the first Hearthstone: Battlegrounds esports event which will be taking place this April The event will be called Lobby Legends: Raid Leaders, which will be broadcast from April 2nd-3rd on YouTube and Twitch The event will feature 16 Battlegrounds players from around the world after they run the gauntlet to get to[...]
Blizzard Reveals Latest Update For Hearthstone Heading Into February
The 22.2 Patch is adding buddies into Hearthstone: Battlegrounds that will give you a special minion to call your own, along with an update to the Mercenaries Village that will add new training areas, and a new Lunar Year event that will kick off the first week of February We have the primary notes below for[...]
"Hearthstone: Battlegrounds" Is Getting A Few New Changes
Blizzard Entertainment revealed new details for Hearthstone: Battlegrounds today as the game is getting a number of changes The team behind the fast-paced battle version of the card game revealed that they are a slew of changes coming in the next update, including replacing a ton of minions and adding some new mechanics that will[...]
"Hearthstone: Battlegrounds" Gets Dragons The Latest Update
You wanted dragons and now you've got them as a new update from Blizzard has added a ton of dragons to Hearthstone: Battlegrounds The game has added several new hero cards and a multitude of minion cards that all revolve around dragons You can read more below and check out the trailer as the 16.4[...]
"Hearthstone: Battlegrounds" Is Getting A Few New Changes
Much like we did with Overwatch 2, we decided to hold back and do our preview coverage of Hearthstone: Battlegrounds after the initial hype train While we do enjoy Hearthstone as a game, there are times it can be daunting to play if you don't have the right cards or just aren't in on how[...]
"Hearthstone: Battlegrounds" Is Getting A Few New Changes
Blizzard announced today that they're adding a few new changes to Hearthstone: Battlegrounds, including new heroes and balance updates As you can see from the shots below, the new challengers include Sindragosa, Elise Starseeker, Brann Bronzebeard, and Sir Finley Mrrgglton But that comes with four more leaving, and a change in the ranking system We[...]