Blizzard Reveals New Changes Coming To Hearthstone: Battlegrounds

Blizzard Entertainment revealed new details for Hearthstone: Battlegrounds today as the game is getting a number of changes. The team behind the fast-paced battle version of the card game revealed that they are a slew of changes coming in the next update, including replacing a ton of minions and adding some new mechanics that will alter the gameplay a bit and force you to adapt to a new meta. We got more of the details here along with the introduction video from the team, as we wait to see what date all of this will go into effect.

"Hearthstone: Battlegrounds" Is Getting A Few New Changes
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Are you ready for the biggest Hearthstone: Battlegrounds update to date?! To start, we're introducing an entirely new Battlegrounds specific keyword, Avenge, that does something after (x) friendly minions die. Then, we're replacing 37 minions with new ones and adding two new Heroes! You can get an idea of how the Avenge keyword works by checking out those new minions below. Before you do, we've made a few fundamental changes we want to make you aware of. We've added a damage cap of 15 damage until the first player dies, meaning that no player can take more than 15 damage from combat until the first player in a lobby dies or disconnects. We've also increased turn timers so that everyone has time to get familiar with the new content: the length of turns 3-9 have been increased by 5 seconds. Everyone will start fresh with this update as ratings will be reset with the 21.2 patch to make way for a new season.

  • Battlegrounds Specific Keyword added, AvengeDoes something after (x) friendly minions die.
  • The length of turns 3-9 have been increased by 5 seconds. We may further adjust the length of turns sometime in the future.
  • Darkmoon Prizes have been disabled.
  • All players' Hearthstone: Battlegrounds ratings have been reset for a new season.
  • Damage cap of 15 damage has been added until the first player dies. Please note that the damage cap does not check for player deaths until the start of each Recruit Phase, meaning if someone concedes, disconnects, or dies during the Recruit Phase (Is Wrath Weaver ever really on your team?), the damage cap will still be present for that combat.
  • Players with Battlegrounds Perks are now more likely to be offered new Heroes during the two-week early access period that follows their initial announcement. In every lobby during the two-week early access period, the option to play with new Heroes will be distributed at random between players with Battlegrounds Perks. No player will be offered more than one new Hero.

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