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Hearthstone Battlegrounds Will See The Rise Of The Naga On May 10th

Blizzard Entertainment revealed the next season for Hearthstone Battlegrounds is on the way next week as we'll see the Rise Of The Naga. This season will come with the standard Battlegrounds Rating reset, a new Hero added to the mix, and a brand new minion type to fight with in The Naga. "Spellcraft" will become a new keyword for a temp spell each turn, which will give you some advantages but also might leave you open a bit. And there will be some new mechanics thrown into the mix that have yet to be revealed. We have a couple of snippets of info about the season below and you can read the full details here, as the new season will launch on May 10th, 2022.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Will See The Rise Of The Naga On May 10th
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Rise Of The Naga

The Naga were destroyed by their inability to control their own insatiable thirst for magic. Don't fall victim to the same fate! Here are few tips about how to play with Naga and Spellcraft to best channel their power:

  • Each Spellcraft minion generates a Spellcraft spell every turn.
  • Spellcraft effects only last until your next Recruit phase. That means that each turn you get to choose where you put your spells for the next Combat.
  • Spellcraft spells leave your hand at the end of your turn—if you don't use them, you lose them!
  • Spellcraft spells are generated as soon as you play the Spellcraft minion, and at the start of each Recruit phase.
  • If your hand is full, Spellcraft spells will "wait" until there is a free space in your hand, instead of getting destroyed or being delayed a turn.
  • Golden Spellcraft minions will generate Golden versions of the Spellcraft spells, with double the effect.
  • Some Naga care about when you play spells. That includes Spellcraft spells as well as things like Coins, Blood Gems, and triple rewards.

The Naga Await

In total, 5 minions will be removed from the minion pool with Patch 23.2, to be replaced with 16 new Naga minions, 5 other new minions, and 2 returning favorites! More Naga will be revealed over the coming days, along with Developer Insights and other tidbits. Tune in as some of your favorite content creators preview some of the upcoming minions and mechanics before all updates are revealed on May 9.

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