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Dreamland hits streaming services June 5th.
It stars Stephen McHattie, Henry Rollins, and Juliette Lewis When a hitman is assigned a unique hit, he falls into a world of vampires, severed fingers, jazz, and general wickedness The film truly looks bizarre but in an intriguing way With those three in starring roles, you can expect an over-the-top experience that may not[...]
Mondo Music Release of the Week: Freaked!
We are excited to kick off 2020 with an album over 25 years in the making: the premiere release of the soundtrack to 1993's cult classic FREAKED. This is a double LP featuring Kevin Kiner's original score AND the original songs from the movie from the likes of Iggy Pop and the Butthole Surfers. Blind Idiot God[...]
Syfy's 'Deadly Class' Enrolls Chicago P.D.'s Mick Betancourt as Co-Showrunner, EP
The only one who can hurt him is his girlfriend. Credit: Syfy In addition, Deadly Class includes: Henry Rollins (Sons of Anarchy) as Jürgen Denke; Taylor Hickson  (Aftermath) as Petra; Siobhan Williams (UnREAL) as Brandy; Jack Gillett (Storker) as Viktor; Sean Depner  (Last Night in Suburbia) as Lex; and Ryan Robbins (Pure) as Rory. Deadline Hollywood [...]
Syfy's Deadly Class Cast Announced: Benedict Wong, Lana Condor, And More
The only one who can hurt him is his girlfriend. In addition, Deadly Class includes: Henry Rollins (Sons of Anarchy) as Jürgen Denke; Taylor Hickson (Aftermath) as Petra; Siobhan Williams (UnREAL) as Brandy; Jack Gillett (Storker) as Viktor; Sean Depner (Last Night in Suburbia) as Lex; and Ryan Robbins (Pure) as Rory. Deadly Class is produced by Universal[...]
On This Day In Pop Culture For February 13
If I wanted that in a game, I'd just hit up my ex-boyfriend.     Today in Bleeding Cool history, in 2011 Rich Johnston reports on the FBI targeting people with Guy Fawkes masks. Today in Birthdays we have Chuck Yeagar US test pilot, 1st man to break sound barrier (1923), Stockard Channing actress (1944), Peter Gabriel musician (1950), Derek Riggs artist, creator of Iron Maiden's Eddie the Head (1958), Henry Rollins musician,[...]
Never Mind The Mutants
  See, now this is "transformative". Work from James Zark, dubbed Never Mind The Mutants, taking images of pop stars and transforming them into X-Men and selling them for $15 and up, Debbie Harry into Phoenix, Iggy Pop into Angel, Johnny Rotten as Iceman, Glenn Danzig as Wolverine, Ian Curtis as Cyclops and Henry Rollins as Colossus. You[...]