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Mondo Music Release of the Week: Freaked!

Mondo Music Release of the Week: Freaked!

Mondo releases new vinyl special editions every single Wednesday. They are they ultimate edition of whatever they put out, featuring extensive liner notes, brand-new commissioned artwork, and always have a limited-edition size. The vinyl itself is usually colored or a photo disc, as well. Basically, it's like the Criterion Collection of movie and gaming soundtracks. […]

'Deadly Class' "Noise, Noise, Noise" Has Fun Messing with Marcus (SPOILER REVIEW)

The biggest question we had coming out of the pilot episode of SYFY's Deadly Class, "Reagan Youth," was whether they could keep up the frenetic, excellent promise of the premiere. To quote Professor of Poisons Jürgen Denke (Henry Rollins), "Boy howdy, did they!" Deadly Class is as much a love letter to the '80s as it is a […]

Syfy's 'Deadly Class' Enrolls Chicago P.D.'s Mick Betancourt as Co-Showrunner, EP

With their adaptation of Rick Remender and Wes Craig's critically acclaimed Image Comics graphic novel series Deadly Class set to open its doors for enrollment in 2019, Syfy has announced that Chicago P.D.'s Mick Betancourt is transferring onto the project as both co-showrunner and executive producer. Adapted for television by Remender and Miles Orion Feldsott (American […]

Syfy's Deadly Class Cast Announced: Benedict Wong, Lana Condor, And More

Less than two months after ordering the series adaptation to pilot, Syfy has announced the full cast for Deadly Class. Based on Rick Remender and Wes Craig's graphic novel of the same name, the pilot was written by Remender and Miles Feldsott; with Lee Toland Krieger set to direct and Adam Targum (Banshee) serving as showrunner. Avengers: […]

On This Day In Pop Culture For February 13

Welcome to Day in History here at Bleeding Cool, where we will be looking at important comics/film/tv/whatever has interesting facts for the date at hand! History is important, and we aim to educate. So, without further ado: Here are some things that have happened on February 13: 1741- Andrew Bedford publishes the 1st American Magazine. […]

Never Mind The Mutants

  See, now this is "transformative". Work from James Zark, dubbed Never Mind The Mutants, taking images of pop stars and transforming them into X-Men and selling them for $15 and up, Debbie Harry into Phoenix, Iggy Pop into Angel, Johnny Rotten as Iceman, Glenn Danzig as Wolverine, Ian Curtis as Cyclops and Henry Rollins […]

Exclusive Clip From Suck

Do not mistake Suck for Vampires Suck. I repeat: DO NOT MISTAKE SUCK FOR VAMPIRES SUCK. They really are not at all the same thing. At all. Here's a world-exclusive clip from Suck, just to hammer home the difference. You can tell this is some kind of fantasy film because they walk right up to […]