Dreamland Trailer Promises A Crazy Time At The Wedding Of Nightmares

Dreamland is a new horror/crime thriller from Dark Star Pictures. It stars Stephen McHattie, Henry Rollins, and Juliette Lewis. When a hitman is assigned a unique hit, he falls into a world of vampires, severed fingers, jazz, and general wickedness. The film truly looks bizarre but in an intriguing way. With those three in starring roles, you can expect an over-the-top experience that may not be topped by any other release this year. Dreamland is set to release in select theaters June 5th, as well as On Demand and on VOD streaming services if theaters are still mostly closed then. Check out the poster, trailer, and synopsis down below.

Dreamland hits streaming services June 5th.
Dreamland hits streaming services on June 5th. Credit Dark Star Pictures

Dreamland Synopsis and Trailer

"On the orders of his gangster boss, hit man Johnny must cut off the pinkie finger of a celebrated jazz trumpeter before a high-profile gig. Seems simple enough, but the gig is a wedding at the palace of crime queen The Countess. A vampire, a femme fatale, a handful of severed fingers and a ballroom full of music, machine gun fire and mayhem…it's just another night in Dreamland." You can watch the zany trailer below.

See that looks insane, doesn't it? Why did it take so long for someone to make a gangster film set in the world of vampires? Dreamland looks like another of the wall film for Bruce McDonald, continuing his work from 2009's Pontypool and continuing to give Canadian horror a good name. All of the action feels in your face and brutal, and the concept is just so bizarre. This one is a film to keep an eye on. Look for it when it releases on June 5th.

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