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Westworld Season 2 Trailer: Delos Destinations Will Pay for Its "Sin"
With less than a month to go before it's April 22 second season premiere, HBO has released the first full official trailer for Westworld's sophomore season. And as we can see from the preview below, Delos Destinations looks to have its hidden "sin" exposed by the hosts - by any means necessary.
Barry: Bill Hader Talks HBO's Hitman Comedy Series
Saturday Night Live‘s Bill Hader finds himself facing that dilemma, as his Barry struggles to balance his hitman day job with his newly ignited passion for acting. That's just one of the aspects of HBO's upcoming comedy series that gets covered in a new behind-the-scenes featurette.
j.j. abrams Star Wars
With what can be viewed by some as his next step towards total film and television domination, the one-man walking Disney himself J.J. Abrams has apparently written a new science fiction drama television series that is the subject of a bidding war between two media behemoths: Apple and HBO.
HBO's Barry: Bill Hader's Hitman Gives New Meaning to Headshot
Sure, Barry might be a hitman...but what he really wants to do is act! Saturday Night Live‘s Bill Hader is stepping into the role of a lifetime: a living and breathing personification of the “comedy/tragedy” duality in the form of Barry, the lead character in and title of HBO‘s upcoming comedy series.