The Evolution Of Juan Ferreyra's Art On Colder: The Bad Seed #1

Eisner-nominated series Colder from Dark Horse, by Paul Tobin and Juan Ferreyra, is returning for a second arc in Colder: The Bad Seed. The first arc of Colder pitted especially unusual mental patient Declan (his body temperature is below liveable conditions) against a nightmarish hunter Nimble Jack, but this arc clarifies that more baddies are to come, starting with the horrendously creepy Swivel.

Juan Ferreyra's designs for Swivel, a creature with hundreds of fingers for a face, are below, and it also features as the cover for Issue #1 which you can see at the conclusion of this piece:


swivel designs 01

Ferreyrra's artwork on Colder is above and beyond what you expect when holding even a high standard to horror comics these days, including delicate intial pencils, sketchy inks, and a wealth of colored pencil and watercolor effects giving the dream-like qualities that the book needs for its subject matter–depicting a world between waking and sleeping, between "reality" and madness. Here are Ferreyra's process pieces on page #20 of the upcoming Issue #1 from layouts to full colors:

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 9.23.50 AM

Colder V2 #1 P20Colder V2 #1 P20 pencilsColder V2 #1 P20colors

And here Dark Horse have provided us with a series of cover concepts designed by Ferreyra also, concluded by the cover that made the cut as the "official" version. Unfortunately/fortunately for us, they each reveal probably more than we ever wanted to know about the truly creepy Swivel's personality and nature:

Swivel cover 01 b Swivel cover 01 c Swivel cover 01 d Swivel cover 01 eAnd this is the final cover choice made for #1:


And in case this peek behind the scenes (well this odyssey from a horror artist at the top of his game) has inspired you, the team on the book have even produced a special order form you can carry gleefully into your LCS and show them as well as tell them what you want them to order:

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 9.26.50 AMColder: The Bad Seed #1 reaches FOC on September 29th. Roll on up with item code AUG140097, as listed in PreviewsWorld. It arrives in shops October 22nd.

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