ComicConnect's Event Auction Heats Up With Fight Against Crime #20

Comic books in the 1950s took a decidedly less violent and horror-filled turn. After World War 2 came to an end, comics shifted heavily into becoming kid-friendly books across the board. When The Comics Code Authority came into existence in 1954, popular (and now sought after books), classic horror comics were put to an end. Vividly violent and sometimes disturbing images would no longer grace horror or other mainstream comics for the following decades, making pre-code horror one of the most collected books in the comic world. This copy of Fight Against Crime #20 is one such book, and the auction is set to end May 20th.

This pre-code crime comic just makes the cut, being released mere months before The Comic Code would come into play. Fight Against Crime #20 features a decapitation cover, as well as a hanging panel on this inside. This universal blue 3.5 features off-white to white pages, and the colors on the front cover absolutely pop. This brutal cover would be one of the last to be published, and this is also the second to last Fight Against Crime comic to be published.

The copy of Fight Again Crime #20 that is currently up for auction on ComicConnect. Image Credit: ComicConnect
The copy of Fight Again Crime #20 that is currently up for auction on ComicConnect. Image Credit: ComicConnect

There are many other copies of this book graded between a CGC universal blue 0.5 to 8.5, with one 3.0 purple label (restored) as well as a 5.5 incomplete on GPA. Two other 3.5's have been sold within the last ten years. The first sold in September of 2010 for $1400, while a different copy sold for $1804 in February of 2017. In February of 2020, a 3.0 copy sold for $4800, making this a hot book. If you're looking for a solid investment piece, look no further.

This book may not be rare, but it is significant. Pre-code comic collectors and late Golden Age fans should keep an eye on this. Fight Against Crime #20 can be yours — but only if you have a ComicConnect account! Accounts are free, and you never know what comic treasures you may find. This particular auction ends May 20th and is part of Session 3 of Event Auction #42.

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