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One More Racing Game for the Road as We Try Antigraviator
Nearing the end of our last day at PAX East, we made our way over to the Iceberg Interactive booth to try out a couple different games The first one on the list turned out to be the last racing title of the con with Antigraviator This is basically one of those racing games where you[...]
Cracking Skulls Takes on New Meaning in Headsnatchers
IguanaBee and Iceberg Interactive's Headsnatchers is so well named, we're kind of in-awe of it The first thing you do with a Headsnatchers match is choose your head, which is the only way you can identify yourself, as everyone has the same nondescript body And your goal from then on is to tackle your opponents, rip[...]
Gorgeous SciFi Racer Antigraviator Does Not Have a Speed Limit
Cybernetic Walrus and Iceberg Interactive gorgeous scifi racer Antigraviator does not come with a speed limit At all You can go 1000 MPH as long as you have enough boosts and don't ever hit anything, which is positively insane People actually managed to hit 1000+ MPH at GDC last week which my brain is still[...]
Horror Is More Than Dark Halls & Sounds: We Review Inmates
The game follows along every possible trope a horror game has these days, from the dark hallways where you can barely see anything, to the randomized and limited use of light you get from matches to the eerie sound effects echoing through your speakers and headphones that are set to go off every time you[...]
Psychological Horror Game Inmates Now Has A Launch Trailer
Publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Davit Andreasyan announce the release of psychological  horror game Inmates today on Steam and all major digital retailers, at an SRP of $ 9.99 To mark the game's release, there will be a 10% discount for the week of launch Players can buy or wish-list the game on Steam. In Inmates, players must solve[...]
History Sorta Comes To Life: A Quick Review Of 'Oriental Empires'
You can choose a custom game with objectives to meet and different map and skill sizes, or you can play the main campaign where you get a rough history lesson in lower Asia's development. credit//Iceberg Interactive The Grand Campaign has several factions for you to choose from, each with their own banners and territories that you see[...]
Getting A Look At 'Conarium' For Console At PAX West
Conarium is already an impressive title from Iceberg Interactive that's gotten a lot of praise for their PC version However, the PAX West build we got to see this year is the one on the way for consoles If you haven't played Conarium, it's basically an exploration game where you're practically living in a Lovecraft[...]
Spending A Lot Of Time Scanning In 'Empathy: Path of Whispers'
That's the mindset I went into for Empathy: Path of Whispers, the first video game from Swedish indie developers Pixel Night (published by Iceburg Interactive). credit//Iceberg Interactive Empathy puts you into a first-person exploration game where you're a nameless person exploring the ruins of a lost city You have a guy in your ear, presumably talking to[...]
'Empathy: Path of Whispers' Posts Their Official Launch Trailer
credit//Iceberg Interactive You may have seen Empathy: Path of Whispers pop up on a few different Twitch streams over the past few weeks as professional players got to test out this interesting adventure Now, Iceberg Interactive have released this brand new launch trailer for the first-person exploration game, set to be released on May 16[...]