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Garth Ennis, Jacen Burrows, And Avatar Are On Tour At Calgary Expo This Week
Both Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows will be on the slate for signings. Quiz Ennis on this plans for a live-action Crossed series spinning out of the crowdfunding campaign for his webcomic Crossed: Dead or Alive, and you might want to concoct some Lovecraftian questions for Burrows, whose series Providence with Alan Moore appears this May. Garth[...]
Will Your Store's Orders On Providence Be Five Times Those Of Crossed +100?
And while Alan Moore is continuing to write Crossed +100, Si Spurrier will take over for an arc from June. So Alan Moore's only other comic book scheduled this year is Providence with Jacen Burrows from Avatar, described as his Watchmen of HP Lovecraft. Which is why, as I heard from one high profile retail chain, they[...]
First Look: 3 Pages Of Alan Moore And Jacen Burrows' Providence #1
Providence #1 arrives May 27th, the comic fully scripted by Alan Moore with art by Jacen Burrows as they team up again following from their H.P Lovecraft inspired work Neonomicon from Avatar Press But this time, our 12 issue series takes us back to 1920's New York and New England, a time and place seminal[...]
First Look: Alan Moore And Jacen Burrows' Providence #2 Cover Gallery
The countdown to Providence, the new monthly comic series fully scripted by Alan Moore and illustrated by Jacen Burrows continues, awaiting its arrival on May 27th from Avatar Press We kicked things off with a full cover reveal for Providence #1, followed that with a teaser interview with Alan Moore about his motives and goals[...]
Alan Moore Heralds Providence: 'It's Time To Go For A Reappraisal Of Lovecraft'
Lovecraft-inspired series Providence fully scripted by Alan Moore and drawn by Jacen Burrows as published by Avatar Press.  Providence follows in the tradition of the previous Bram Stoker Award-winning Lovecraft collaboration between Moore and Burrows, The Neonomicon, and also in the tradition of the comics adaptation of Moore's work, The Courtyard, both published by Avatar[...]
A Brand New Alan Moore Monthly Comic – Avatar Solicitations For May 2015
We first mentioned it a few years ago, and in May it comes to fruition… GOD IS DEAD VOL 05 TPB $19.99 US Cover: Jacen Burrows Writer: Mike Costa Art: Emiliano Urdinola and Juan Frigeri MR, Color, 160 pages The Great Deceiver threw the world into chaos when after millennia of plotting and planning he finally killed God[...]
Alan Moore And Jacen Burrows' Providence #1 Cover Revealed Ahead Of May Release
Fans of Alan Moore's work, and HP Lovecraft's, have been waiting for this announcement for some time, and today we're happy to finally confirm that Providence, by Moore and collaborator on The Courtyard, and Neonomicon, Jacen Burrows, will be arriving in May 2015. With that news, we can debut the "regular" cover for the first issue,[...]
When Joan Rivers Browsed Issues Of Crossed At Calgary Comic Con
Courtesy of Bleeding Cool owners Avatar Press at Calgary Comic Con this past weekend, Joan Rivers browsing episodes of the ongoing horror series, Crossed, created by Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows. It's a big show It attracts all sorts. You know, I'm sure they'd be a role for her in the Crossed webisodes being filmed if she[...]
Avatar Press Solicitations For May 2014 – Garth Ennis Times 4
Above all else, he's an SAS soldier, and who dares wins! Available with Regular, Wraparound, Horror, and a Black Magic Order Incentive cover by Mike Wolfer. GRAVEL: COMBAT MAGICIAN #4 WRAPAROUND COVER Retail Price: $3.99 US Writer& Cover: Mike Wolfer Art: Gabriel Rearte MR, Color, 32 pages GRAVEL: COMBAT MAGICIAN #4 HORROR COVER Retail Price: $3.99 US Writer& Cover: Mike Wolfer Art: Gabriel Rearte MR,[...]
Avatar Press Invades Fan Expo Canada
Avatar Press will be set up at the show and bringing in a great list of creators to meet the fans: writer Max Brooks (World War Z and Extinction Parade), writer Garth Ennis (Crossed and Punisher) and artist Jacen Burrows (Crossed and Neonomicon). On Friday at 4:15 pm in room #719 will be the Avatar Press[...]
Get Your Copy Of Neonomicon Signed By Alan Moore At Phoenix Comic Con
Limited to 26 copies, each with a separate letter and signed by Alan Moore and sketched by Jacen Burrows, the Neonomicon Hornbook Lettered Edition comes with a certificates at $100 each  Can they last past Thursday ….?  I understand Avatar's VIP packages for Phoenix are almost sold out too…       Okay, I could have possibly phrased that[...]
Cross Boxing – Return of Garth Gets Box Treatment
For $99.99 retail, this extremely limited set features the following:   All 8 Crossed #25 covers, the Leather cover and the 2 Retailer Incentive covers A Special Crossed #25 VIP edition – that you can only get in this set A unique fully-painted original art cover by Ken Meyer on a copy of the Badlands #1 Sketch Edition –[...]
Librarian Reverses Board's Decision To Put Neonomicon Back On The Shelves
Last year, Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows' Neonomicon was withdrawn from a library in Greenville after a teenage girl using an adult library card took it out and her mother strenuously objected. Later the library board all read the graphic novel and voted for it to be returned to the shelves End of? No. The Head Librarian[...]
Neonomicon Banned In South Carolina
Back in June, a South Carolina library pulled their copy of Neonomicon from the adultbookshelves, after a 14 year old girl withdrew it using her mother's
Crossed Crossover? Fans Vote for Which Universe to Invade
Crossed artist Jacen Burrows provides this sketch for a fan, Donny Munsell If you aren't aware of who or what the "Crossed" are, let me warn you, it isn't for the easily offended or faint-of-heart Created by Garth Ennis (Preacher, The Boys, Chronicles of Wormwood), it is a story of an infection that is close to[...]
Avatar Plug of the Week – CROSSED VOL 4 BADLANDS COLLECTION Sneak Preview
The best-selling Crossed collections continue with Volume 4, collecting the hit bi-weekly series, Crossed: Badlands #1-9. Two tales of terror from the most vicious landscape in modern horror, written by groundbreaking graphic novelists Garth Ennis and Jamie Delano!  When the worldwide outbreak transforms most of humanity into murderous psychopaths, the uninfected survivors are driven by desperation to the very brink of[...]
NYCC Panels: Avatar Press and Bleeding Cool Details
So, mark your con agenda and get your questions ready! What will be Garth Ennis' huge announcement? I guarantee you won't be expecting this! GARTH ENNIS: Top Secret New Project Revealed! Sat 10/13/12 4:00 – 5:00 PM Location: 1A06 Speakers: William Christensen (Avatar CEO), Garth Ennis (Crossed, Stitched, Preacher, The Boys) Garth Ennis has created dozens of critically-acclaimed projects including: Preacher, Crossed,[...]
Alan Moore Announces His New HP Lovecraft Comic Book, Providence
He didn't mention an artist, but I know that his Neonomicon artist, Jacen Burrows, will be visiting him in October… At the N.I.C.E comic book convention yesterday, Alan Moore announced his new comic book for Avatar Press, Providence, a follow-up to Neonomicon where he explores the inspiration behind the Lovecraftian mythos. A ten part series, which[...]
Avatar Plug of the Week – Crossed: Wish You Were Here Graphic Novel
Avatar Press heard your requests for a printed collected edition, to add to your bookshelf of spine-chilling graphic novels; Crossed Volume One, Crossed Volume Two: Family Values and Crossed Volume Three: Psychopath. Crossed: Wish You Were Here is available in Trade Paperback and Hard Cover, featuring covers by Jacen Burrows! FC, 160pg., TRADE PAPERBACK Price: $19.99 Diamond: JUN120842 ISBN: 9781592911707 FC, 160pg., HARD COVER Price: $27.99 Diamond: JUN120843 ISBN: 9781592911714                   [...]
Avatar Plug of the Week – Crossed: Badlands #10
Get ready for a pairing that every Crossed fan has been dying to see: David Lapham, whose brutal horror stories have graced Crossed: Family Values, Crossed 3D, and Crossed: Psychopath, is teaming up with Jacen Burrows, whose artwork has defined the series from its very conception! Crossed: Badlands #10 begins a story arc of particular savagery[...]