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Six Matches Decided In This Week's X Of Swords Comics
Because Majik is up to her eyes in that, in Marauders as we get a little light relief ahead of all the slaughter to come… So what happens when Wolverine stabs Saturnyne through the chest, killing her instantly? Wolverine Makes All The Worst Moves In This Week's X Of Swords Comics Well, not good things. End of the world,[...]
James Jaspers And The Fury Return to X-Men in X Of Swords? (Spoilers)
In a universe where the politician Sir James Jaspers was beginning to come to power on a populist anti-superhero mandate, and is elected Prime Minister The subsequent rewriting of reality as "The Crooked World", the battle between The Fury and his parallel dimension creator, and then with Captain Britain remains one of the most critically[...]