Jim Campbell

Jim Henson's The Storyteller: Ghosts Coming from BOOM! in March

Explosive publisher BOOM! Studios has announced a new four-issue mini-series in the Jim Henson's The Storyteller series. Jim Henson's The Storyteller: Ghosts will explore folk tales about the afterlife, with the first issue by Márk László and Jim Campbell telling the story of the Myling from Scandinavian folklore. Check out the press release below for […]

A Fun Look at What the Future May Hold: Graphic Novel 'Nuclear Winter'

I didn't know what to expect when I received this graphic novel, but Nuclear Winter by Caroline Breault took me by surprise. This slice-of-life story is about a courier named Flavie who doesn't mind a challenge. When she locks eyes with a handsome guy at a local diner, her life changes for the better. Set in […]

Goldie Vance

A Darn Good Detective! Goldie Vance Vol. 1, 2, and 3 Review

St. Pascal, Florida, mid 1960s. Goldie Vance is a plucky 16-year-old who doubles as a car valet and a junior detective at the Crossed Palms Resort, which her father manages. With the help of her friends, she can crack any case. Her insatiable curiosity sometimes leads her to trouble, which isn't good business for her […]

Over the Garden Wall ogn boom

Over the Garden Wall Returns with New OGN from Jonathan Case and Jim Campbell

BOOM! Studios and Cartoon Network are bringing back Over the Garden Wall with a new original graphic novel this Fall. Called Over the Garden Wall: Distillatoria, the comic based on the Emmy-winning cartoon is written by Eisner-winning writer Jonathan Case and Eisner-winning artist Jim Campbell.  Here's what the graphic novel is about: While exploring the […]

Eugenic #3 Review: The Horror Ends with a Look at the Horrors of Ignorance

Eugenic #3 from BOOM! Studios by James Tynion IV, Eryk Donovan, Dee Cunniffe, and Jim Campbell ends this series, and the triptych of doom that has been Memetic, Cognetic and now this, Eugenic. Each had presented a truly dark, disturbing and unique look at the end of the world, but with Eugenic, Tynion IV and […]

wwe #12

WWE #12 Review: What Makes The Shield, The Shield?

While I do love watching the WWE, reading comics based on the characters in the WWE Universe was not something I'd done up until now. It makes sense to have these, since WWE Superstars are like real-life superheroes. They do amazing stunts, and they do take a beating here and there. Their exploits absolutely deserved […]


Eugenic #2 Review: The Future Looks Dark, Depressing And Distressingly Familiar

Eugenic #2 from Boom! Studios and by James Tynion IV, Eryk Donovan, Dee Cunniffe and Jim Campbell continues the teams epic look at a new nightmare end of humanity scenario. For this wishing to remain unspoiled, beware, this review will contain some spoilers for the issue. The last issue set up that during a deadly […]


Eugenic #1 Review: Deeply Disturbing And Disturbingly Relevant High Horror

Eugenic #1 from BOOM! Studios by James Tynion IV, Eryk Donovan, Dee Cunniffe and Jim Campbell is the third and final in the creators' apocalyptic triptych. A set of three, three part comic series that looked at different horrifying ways the world, or rather humanity, could end, starting with Memetic, followed by Cognetic and now […]

Over The Garden Wall Gets Deeper and Deeper With Issue #3

I honestly feel like it's a trap. The formula by which KaBOOM!'s Over the Garden Wall operates under is an emotionally tricky one. The issues start off with light and fun stories, and end in tears. Over the Garden Wall #3 features two stories: "Dreamland Melodies" written and illustrated by Jim Campbell with Danielle Burgos, and "Homeland" written by […]

Over The Garden Wall #2 Shows The Pain Of Solitude

  Over the Garden Wall is super cute. The art style makes me feel warm and fuzzy. However, don't let it fool you…this comic includes some deep, thought-provoking content. The first story, "Dreamland Melodies" is written and illustrated by Jim Campbell, while the second entitled, "Homeland," is written by Amalia Levari, illustrated by Cara McGee. With this type […]

Becoming A New Over The Garden Wall Fan: Advance Review Of Issue #1

So right off the bat I'm going to say that I feel like a bit of an imposter reading Over the Garden Wall, because I haven't watched a single episode or read much about it at all. However, I was so drawn to the hype and overall style of the comic that I couldn't resist. […]

Follow Wirt And Greg On A New Over The Garden Wall Adventure

I want to start off by saying that I've heard a lot of buzz about this TV show, and every single time I came across an advertisement for it, I was in awe about the adorable style. What show am I talking about? That would be Cartoon Network's first ever original animated miniseries, Over the […]