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One Day as a Lion Director on Scott Caan and J.K. Simmons Crime Comedy
John Swab is always looking for opportunities to make the kinds of movies he loved growing up The director behind Little Dixie (2023) and Ida Red (2021) often finds himself directing, producing, and writing the bulk of his work There are rare occasions where he does get to collaborate with others creatively, as is the[...]
Little Dixie Director John Swab on His Love for ‘70s Action Films
John Swab appreciates the grit of 1970s filmmaking and wants to take audiences back to that era in his films, given his fandom of Westerns, horror, and revenge fantasies His latest action thriller Little Dixie follows ex-special forces operative Doc Alexander (Frank Grillo), who's caught in a deal gone wrong between a corrupt governor and[...]
Ida Red Star Frank Grillo Talks Dir John Swab, Josh Hartnett & More
Among them is Ida Red director and writer John Swab, who asked him if he could play Dallas Walker, Ida Red's (Melissa Leo) nephew who co-runs her crime family with her son Wyatt (Josh Hartnett) in her absence I spoke to the star about working with Swab and who he compares him to, his chemistry[...]
Ida Red Writer, Director John Swab on Crime Film Inspirations, Casting
If there's anything director and writer John Swab has learned in his seven years of Hollywood is how invaluable loyalty is and to follow your creative dreams I spoke to Swab about his latest film Ida Red, its inspiration, casting, and carving his own path in the industry The film centers on Ida "Red" Walker[...]
Frank Grillo, Jessica Rothe Star In Body Brokers Trailer
The trailer for Body Brokers can be found below, along with a synopsis and some quotes from writer/director John Swab. Body Brokers Synopsis "Utah (Kilmer) and Opal (Englert) are junkies living on the streets of rural Ohio until a seemingly chance encounter with the enigmatic Wood (Williams) brings them to Los Angeles for drug treatment.  Utah appears[...]