Frank Grillo, Jessica Rothe Star In Body Brokers Trailer

Vertical Entertainment has released the striking trailer for the film Body Brokers. Starring Frank Grillo, Jessica Rothe, Melissa Leo, Jack Kilmer, Michael K. Williams, and Alice Englert, the film is an unflinching look at the failures of substance abuse treatment and how insurance fraud is running rampant in the US at treatment facilities. You may not have even known this was an issue, and the subject matter is appalling. The trailer for Body Brokers can be found below, along with a synopsis and some quotes from writer/director John Swab.

Body Brokers Synopsis

"Utah (Kilmer) and Opal (Englert) are junkies living on the streets of rural Ohio until a seemingly chance encounter with the enigmatic Wood (Williams) brings them to Los Angeles for drug treatment.  Utah appears to find sobriety with the help of treatment center therapist, Dr. White (Melissa Leo), and tech turned love interest, May (Rothe).  They soon learn that drug treatment is but a cover for a predatory business, enlisting addicts to recruit other addicts.  Utah is no exception.  Wood and his drug treatment mogul partner, Vin (Grillo), take Utah under their wing, introducing him to the good life, though Utah's addiction remains his biggest obstacle."

Director of the film John Swab had this to say about his experiences that informed the film: "I was a street junky for over a decade.  During my early attempts at recovery, I went through countless rehabs and detoxes all over the country.  In that time, I was "brokered" and then taught how to broker bodies.  This is the true story of the multi-billion dollar insurance scandal within the substance abuse treatment industry.  The FBI recently raided several of the largest treatment centers in Southern California for body brokering and insurance fraud – with more to come.  With the opiate epidemic being a central topic of conversation, people need to know about the predatory nature of the proposed solution to the problem: treatment.  This is a film about where capitalism fails addicts."

Frank Grillo, Jessica Rothe Star In Body Brokers Trailer
Body Brokers Poster

Body Brokers, starring Frank Grillo, Jessica Rothe, Melissa Leo, Jack Kilmer, Michael K. Williams, and Alice Englert and written and directed by John Swab, hits digital platforms on February 19th.

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