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The Most Annoying Moment of New York Comic Con, Uber Everything?

The Most Annoying Moment of New York Comic Con, Uber Everything?

Comic book creator Joyce Chin, most recently drawing Vampirella in Playboy Magazine, did not have a great C2E2 and it did not get better. Thankfully New York Comic Con went a lot better. However, she did have one moment to share which may be very familiar to all manner of in-demand comic book creators. She […]

Joyce Chin's Process Art For Alice Cooper Vs. Chaos #1

Here we have a step-by-step look at Joyce Chin's cover for the first issue of Dynamite's new miniseries Alice Cooper Vs. Chaos! The series is written by Tim Seeley and Jim Terry, with Terry also providing the interior art. It's the ultimate heavy metal crossover as the original shock rocker meets the original death metal […]

Joyce Chin Covers The Final Issue Of Lady Rawhide / Lady Zorro

Dynamite's Lady Rawhide / Lady Zorro series by Shannon Eric Denton and Rey Villegas wraps up this week with issue #4. The cover for the issue was done by Joyce Chin with colors by Ivan Nunes. We have a look at the original pencils and the the colors as well as both black & white […]

Tim Seeley Brings Alice Cooper And Evil Ernie Together For Dynamite

A horror icon goes up against a rock icon this September from Dynamite Entertainment. A new five-issue miniseries, Alice Cooper Vs. Chaos!, brings together writer Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash) and Jim Terry (The Crow: Skinning the Wolves) who will be co-writing and providing the art. Joyce Chin is on board for covers. Alice Cooper vs. Chaos! […]

Joyce Chin Covers Lady Rawhide / Lady Zorro #3

Dynamite's Lady Rawhide/Lady Zorro miniseries by Shannon Eric Denton and Rey Villegas has hit the third issue and we have a good look at Joyce Chin's cover from her original inks to the colored piece with Ivan Nunes and the finished products. Now in hot pursuit of the slavers, Lady Zorro and Lady Rawhide run into […]

What's In A Name – Joyce Chin And The Editorial Oops

Joyce Chin does a lot of covers for Dynamite including some for their big all-female written and lead summer event, Swords of Sorrow. Joyce shows the pencils and inks for a cover she was working on only to find out that she was told to put the wrong character on the cover… here are the […]

Joyce Chin Covers Swords Of Sorrow: Chaos Special

The big Swords of Sorrow event from Dynamite kicks off next month with an all-female writing team and focused on female leads. So it makes perfect sense to bring in the talented Joyce Chin to draw the cover for the prequel to the event – Swords of Sorrow: Chaos Special. Here we have the cover […]

Mairghread Scott Talks Swords Of Sorrow: Chaos Special

With Dynamite's recent announcement of the Swords of Sorrow event lead by an all-female writing team, a lot of people took notice. Byron Brewer chatted with Mairghread Scott to talk about her part of the event, Swords Of Sorrow: Chaos Special. Cover art by Joyce Chin. BYRON BREWER: Mairghread, how does it feel to be part of […]

Brian Bolland, Art Adams, Max Brooks And More Now Coming To London Super Comic Con In March…

The London Super Comic Con has released a bunch more comic attendees at the show… oh look, Max Brooks, Garth Ennis, Kieron Gillen… you can see that Bleeding Cool's publisher must be in attendance! The new names are Arthur Adams, Simone Bianchi, Brian Bolland, Max Brooks, Mark Buckingham, Joyce Chin, Garth Ennis, Kieron Gillen, Adi Granov, Tabitha Lyons, Ron Marz, Ireland Reid, Esad Ribic, David Roach, Laura Sindall, Rachel Stott, David Wachter […]

Joyce Chin's Process Art For Dynamite Covers

Joyce Chin is one of the top cover artists for Dynamite Entertainment and has been cranking out amazing covers for Lady Death, Purgatori, Evil Ernie and Vampirella among others. On her Facebook page she shows some of the sketches, inks, etc that go into her art. Here are some of the more recent pieces she […]

Exclusive First Look Inside Vampirella #100

Dynamite is about to publish Vampirella #100 and we have the first look at some of the interior pages to the book plus the available covers. The issue is written by Nancy A. Collins, Tim Seeley, Eric Trautmann, Mark Rahner and Brandon Jerwa with art by Francesco Mann, Dave Acosta, Eman Casallos and Javier Miranda-Garcia. Covers are […]

Artistic Process – Joyce Chin And Her Chaos Covers

Joyce Chin has been doing a lot of covers late for Dynamite Entertainment, especially in their new Chaos line of comics including Purgatori, Lady Demon and Evil Ernie. Well, on her facebook page she is sharing the artistic process for some of the covers showing her original sketches, pencils, inks and colors while on others […]

Purgatori Gets Her Own Series As Chaos Titles Continue To Expand With Dynamite

Dynamite's Chaos! Universe is expanding one again to include a new series for Purgatori. This comes on the heels of the Chaos! series by Tim Seeley that brought the characters back and the recently released Chastity series by Mark Andreyko. The new series will be written by Aaron Gillespie and interior art by Javier Garcia Miranda […]