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5 Things We Want to See in Supergirl Season 4
Especially now that he's revealed who he is, having costume villain coming after him would make sense, and he needs to be more than just a plot device. Bring back Kara Danvers The third season had Kara stepping away from her human side at the beginning, but she gave up her job and barely did anything as[...]
The show had to deal with the ramifications of the finale though both on the city and on Kara Danvers. The focus of the first episode was Kara trying to distance herself from her humanity Which is an interesting word choice This isn't a situation like with Mr Spock who was half-vulcan and half-human Kara Zor-El[...]
She has decided that Kara Danvers is a waste of time and effort, she only needs to be Supergirl But her friends and family try to make her see that her humanity is an important part of who she is. The new season will introduce us to the Worldkiller, Reign (Odette Annable), J'onn J'onzz father M'yrnn[...]