Kara Danvers

Supergirl Season 2 Promo Is Trouble

The interesting thing is they are using the Cat Grant line about how Kara Danvers, Winn Schott, James Olsen and the visiting Barry Allen look like the attractive cast of a CW show.Though the full line in the episode was "You look like the attractive, non-threating, richly diverse cast of a CW show".. which it[...]

Casting For Supergirl Begins – What They Are Looking For

So what are they looking for? According to TVLine they are currently casting two parts - Kara Zor-El (Kara Danvers) and her older foster sister Alexandra "Alex" Danvers. For Kara Zor-El aka Kara Danvers, the show is eyeing Caucasian females, age 22 to 26, to play 24 As the series’ mythology goes, Kara at age 12 was[...]