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The Boys Stunt Coordinator Tig Fong on Season Two’s Epic Moments
Crimson Countess (Laurie Holden), who is a parody of Marvel's Scarlet Witch in the comics, is a strong candidate to join The Seven with her fire and heat manipulation powers. A look at The Boys season 2 (Image: Amazon Prime) What of The Deep? It seems like any chance to get back to The Seven was eviscerated when[...]
the boys
But now we're back to casting news, with Variety reporting exclusively that Laurie Holden (The Walking Dead, The Americans) is joining the cast in the recurring role of supe Crimson Countess From the name alone, it comes as no surprise that the red-haired "hero" sports a red costume and cape and has heat-based powers[...]
The Walking Dead profiles Andrea, on-screen and in the comics. (Image; Skybound)
(Image; Skybound) Now, we get a chance to look at how Andrea was handled on the small screen (where she was portrayed by Laurie Holden) as well as on the printed (and digital) page Just so there's no confusion, I want to make something perfectly clear: I liked Andrea about as much as I liked Dale-[...]
Fireheart: Kenneth Branagh, Oliva Cooke Lead Animated Family Film
Laurie Holden, and William Shatner, according to Variety. Kenneth Branagh and Olivia Cooke Images courtesy of JStone and Tinseltown / Fireheart will be produced by Main Journey, Anton, and Caramel Films, scheduled for completion in 2021 The film will boast an original soundtrack, including a re-orchestrated 1920's style covers of modern pop songs Creators and leading[...]