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Crude #1 cover by Garry Brown and Lee Loughridge
A year later, his body is brought back to Vladimir, and Piotr comes out of retirement to hunt down those responsible for his son's death. Crude #1 cover by Garry Brown and Lee Loughridge Crude is shooting to be a revenge tale in the vein of John Wick, Death Wish, and other stories where a man is[...]
Kid Lobotomy #6 cover by Nick Robles
It just stops. Kid Lobotomy #6 art by Tess Fowler, Lee Loughridge, and Dee Cunniffe Tess Fowler's artwork is a highlight of the book The world has a unique cartoon styling that's just realistic enough so that the oddities still seem odd and not just the standard Lobotomy's visual design is good The scar is defining and[...]
X-Men: Bland Design – An Unexpected Ending in Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan #5
Old Man Logan #5 Writer: Declan Shalvey Artist: Mike Henderson Colorist: Lee Loughridge Letterer: Joe Sabino Cover: Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire This is the final issue of a five-issue mini-series In the previous issues, Logan and Deadpool reluctantly team up to save a young mutant named Maddie from a company called Genform that intends to use her powers as a[...]
The Punisher #221 cover by Clayton Crain
This creates a natural tension in the dialogue, making it that much more engaging. The Punisher #221 art by Guiu Vilanova and Lee Loughridge Guiu Vilanova's artwork continues the streak of grittiness and shadowing that make his style ideal for a Punisher title He also gets to play a bit in the finale as Frank tears his[...]
deadpool vs. Old Man Logan #4
Old Man Logan #4 (of 5) Writer: Declan Shalvey Artist: Mike Henderson Colorist: Lee Loughridge Letterer: Joe Sabino Cover: Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire Damage: $3.99 As far as superfluous team-up minis featuring characters who are already extremely overexposed, Deadpool vs Old Man Logan has managed to be cute and fun so far This is the 4th of 5 issues, so here's what[...]
Fiction Armour: All Star Batman #9 Review
Batman is just a story. Art by Jock Jock's art, with colours by Lee Loughridge, is nice to see alongside Snyder's words once again, and works especially well here as it again highlights another difference in this issue All Star Batman began as a big action, supersized fight scenes kind of Batman book, whereas this fight is[...]
I've Just Read The Script For The Pilot of Scalped And It's A Little Empty
Guéra, Lee Loughridge, and Phil Balsam, is one of the finest examples of the medium, a modern noir, a Rez Noir. Doug Jung (Banshee) has written a script that just seems to tell a few events that happen without really delving in to personal motivations or any feedback on the actions that the cast of characters are taking[...]
Image Watch – Talking Outcast With Paul Azaceta
 What Rick Remender is doing with Deadly Class I've enjoyed recently.  Wes Craig is doing a phenomenal job with the art on that book, and Lee Loughridge on colors.  The whole package is just f#^%ing phenomenal.  I'm super excited that Stray Bullets  started again.  The Chirs Samnee and Mark Waid Daredevil stuff.  I've known Waid[...]
Deadly Class #2: Revisiting the 80's
Dean from Heathers, without the sociopathetic bits hopefully.  He's got the attitude for the school, but he is still new.  Still fresh meat.  I am eager to see how Marcus evolves during his tenure. Now Wes Craig, Lee Loughridge and Russ Wootan need as much praise as Remender.  Craig is an undeniably gifted artist.  The diversity[...]