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Will Grant Morrison Make Green Lantern's Power Ring the Soul Gem?
But at rival publisher DC, Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp will reveal that Hal Jordan's power ring houses a universe of its own: After sacrificing himself to save the entire universe from a cosmic WMD, Hal Jordan finds himself trapped inside his own power ring! And he discovers an entire universe lies inside it, populated with[...]
Liam Sharp Reveals the Secrets Behind Grant Morrison's Green Lantern Scripts
In November, superstar writer and wizard Grant Morrison teams up with superstar artist and digital comics mogul Liam Sharp to launch a new Green Lantern comic, or The Green Lantern comic, if we're going strictly by the title In an interview on DC Comics' website, Sharp revealed the secrets of Grant Morrison's Green Lantern Scripts. Below,[...]
Liam Sharp batman art
Liam Sharp may have had to miss WonderCon this weekend because he was sick, but he has been trying to take care of his fans while recuperating The current writer/artist on The Brave & The Bold series, which stars Wonder Woman and Batman, shared a few things on social media today that might help some[...]
Brave Wonder Woman
With the recent run on Wonder Woman, Liam Sharp started getting the level of attention he rightly deserves He is an incredibly talented artist and one of the nicest people in the industry With the end of the Wonder Woman run, he was put on a new series that would include Wonder Woman and Batman,[...]
Hal Jordan And The GL Corps #32 Review: Cool Battle, Little Plot Advancement
The Dawnbreaker brings down the Green Lantern off panel, and the comic ends with Hal being brought to the Anti-Monitor's Cosmic Tuning Fork with other heroes by the Nightmare Batmen. This also means you don't get to see exactly how the remainder of the Justice League fall this issue, either, leaving it to the next issue[...]
Justice League #32 Review: Goes Nowhere But A Fun Time
I do look forward to Hal Jordan Hal Jordan-ing is way out of the Dawnbreaker's trap. Justice League #32 art by Liam Sharp and Adam Brown Liam Sharp does some great work on this issue with a textured and imposing style, bringing the heroes and villains to life in an impressive manner The characters are allowed to[...]
First comes love! Then comes marriage! Then comes Liam Sharp with the baby carriage! Copying their distinguished competition for the second time in recent memory, Marvel has partnered with Madefire to make their digital comics available on the Madefire app. The happy couple announced the union with a tastefully produced video featuring a catchy melody: can't[...]
Liam Sharp
Liam Sharp sat down in the DC Comics Art Academy for the second time and the artist who has seen quite a resurgence since joining the Wonder Woman comic with Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott decided to again not draw Wonder Woman In his first visit a while back, he drew Cheetah In the latest[...]
dc comics covers
You won't have seen most of them… Hang on, hang on, I'll get to them! Appreciate the keenness, though. Nightwing #29 by Casey Jones. Nightwing #29 by… not by Stjepan Sejic. Nightwing #28 by Casey Jones. Batman: The Dawnbreaker #1 by Jason Fabok. Shade The Changing Girl #12 by Matt Taylor. Injustice 2 #9 by Dale Keown. Dastardly And Muttley #1 by Liam Sharp. DC[...]
Liam Sharp Makes An Addition To Final Wonder Woman Cover
Greg Rucka and Liam Sharp will be leaving Wonder Woman with issue #25 The critically acclaimed run, along with the successful feature film, has gotten people talking about the character again in very positive ways Check out the cover for the pair's final issue below. But Sharp took to Twitter this morning to share an updated[...]
Liam Sharp Bares All For Wonder Woman #23 Preview
  Wonder Woman #23 by Greg Rucka and Liam Sharp is out tomorrow Why not contrast the coloured, lettered art with Hi-Fi and John Wynne, compared to Liam Sharp's bare inks… his final full issue of the series.         Wonder Woman #23 by Greg Rucka and Liam Sharp is out tomorrow Why not contrast the coloured, lettered art[...]
Is She Awe Inspiring? Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 Review
There is clear conflict, and while the action is minimal, Rucka keeps the reader engaged. The artistic talents of Liam Sharp, Matthew Clark, and Sean Parsons compliment the story line well There isn't a jarring difference between the art, though you will notice it slightly This isn't a bad thing; Clark does pencil the majority of[...]
Following Brother In Arms, Liam Sharp Departing Wonder Woman But Not Going Far
  Wonder Woman by Liam Sharp Hot on the heels of Greg Rucka's announcement that he is leaving Wonder Woman, one of Wonder Woman's artists Liam Sharp has now announced that he too is leaving the book with issue 25. Liam Sharp has been handling the modern day segments seeing Wonder Woman facing up to the revelation that[...]
Greg Rucka Departing Wonder Woman Because Of Its Twice-Monthly Pace
Along with Nicola Scott, Liam Sharp, Bilquis Evely, Romulo Fajardo Jr and more, Rucka has looked at the origins of Wonder Woman and also in the modern day discovering her memory of her history has been altered. Below, you can read Rucka's statement on his departure, but the above link to his twitter has even more,[...]